Spring goes back and forth, creating a spring home

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[] as spring goes on and on, the window is opened, and a scene of green sprouting trees, singing birds and fragrant flowers comes into view. The color used to express spring indoors is nothing more than green plants and flowers. In the small indoor space, more fashionable ideas will be infiltrated into the green plant layout of every detail, so that the whole bedroom will become a large flower room, and the bedroom, the living room at the bottom of the window, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the porch are all left out. Coffee pots, bathtubs, file folders, washing machines, and even plain shoes and socks can also become chic flower utensils. Such a rich visual appeal of flowers enables everyone living in it to cultivate their temperament, feel happy, and let us fully relax our tired hearts. Although due to the limitation of living space, it is impossible for every family to have a courtyard garden, cultivating and placing some green plants in every corner of the room can also make us feel the breath of spring easily

if you want the same spring sunshine indoors and outdoors, you need to use color to make up for the lack of climate. In terms of home color selection, gorgeous and pleasant blue, orange, simple and generous intermediate color and beige are all spring colors, but soft and quiet, especially refreshing green, are more popular. According to color research experts, the charm of green is that it is reminiscent of nature, which can release people's pressure and keep them happy. In addition to the green like bamboo leaves and flower leaves, the color design like seaweed, seaweed and moss leads the green to grayish green. It is bright and has a subtle feeling. It can give people a natural and comfortable feeling when used at home

many bedding and ornaments placed in the home town also adopt natural colors such as light green and azure blue, indicating the arrival of spring. Such colors are used at home, and lighter tones can make people feel relaxed. Like large fabric products, such as sofas and cushions. Therefore, a new suit with fresh colors tailored for the sofa can not only bring the breath of spring, but also create a fresh feeling; Easygoing, soft, elegant and sweet green cushions are placed on the sofa in the living room, the bedside in the bedroom, or the cool chair on the balcony. Whether they are foil, embellished, or rendered, the green cushions always show the readiness of spring

the curtains with fresh colors can also increase the sensitivity to this beautiful season. The traditional plain white yarn inside the floor to ceiling windows can also try to change some new patterns. The sewing methods of curtain cloth can try bandage, cloth ring, hollow or buckle to increase the diversity of the room; In addition, if the color and pattern of curtain cloth can echo with the design and color of sofa cover, it will make people feel very harmonious, especially the small room, which has the effect of expanding space; Some brands of curtains, or the use of small patterns of cloth art, or the use of geometric circular printed cloth, or the use of transparent thin fabric or slat shutters, can create a beautiful feeling of spring

for example, some household items rich in flowers, such as delicate flower arrangements, carpets with rich flower patterns and lifelike green plant ornaments, can also meet your desire to feel the spring at home in advance. A chair will look more elegant and implicit after wearing the matching flower pattern cloth chair cover. The blooming flower arrangement on one side almost confused the real with the fake, which almost made people misunderstand the season

in addition, in terms of furniture, some living rooms with insufficient lighting should choose a combination of furniture that is good at capturing light with color, such as sunshine Mediterranean. It collects the warm colors of the blue coast, white sand beaches and flower fields, and sets the tone of sufficient light sense for the living room with bright, warm and rich colors. The bottom of the window can also have the breath of spring in the often neglected kitchen and bathroom. For example, you can buy some tile stickers or three-dimensional decorative stickers. Green tiles with gradually deepening color concentration can make the bathroom more hierarchical and vibrant, and make the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles glow green. Of course, you can also put some dried and fresh flowers and plants to add interest




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