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The wardrobe has a good storage function, which can make the bedroom cleaner and cleaner. Therefore, the wardrobe is a necessity for every home. There are many types of wardrobe doors, among which the wardrobe with shutter door is the most popular in recent years. Then the following editor will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the shutter door wardrobe and the shutter door wardrobe. Let's have a look

introduction to the wardrobe with shutter door

the design of the wardrobe with shutter door comes from the shutter. It has two production methods, namely, vertical bar and horizontal bar. The production method of horizontal bar is mostly used in the application of the wardrobe. The design of the wardrobe with shutter door has strict requirements on the cleanliness of the indoor environment. Its board is generally ordinary MDF, with high environmental protection performance. It is a high-end product, which can be moisture-proof, waterproof and durable

advantages and disadvantages of the louvered door wardrobe

first, advantages

1, simple and fashionable

the louvered door wardrobe has natural beauty and good practicality. Its design integrates the concept of modern home decoration, which can bring a pleasant sense of change to the simple space; There are many color options, which can be well integrated with the style of home decoration

2. Affordable

the shape design of the wardrobe with shutter door is relatively simple, and there will not be too many special processes, so the price is cheaper than other types of door panels

3. The shape is changeable

the shutter door can be matched with different materials, such as glass, hollowed out patterns or using other plates to make waist lines, which will be very beautiful

4. Ventilation

most of the wardrobes are items that store clothes and quilts. After a long time, it is inevitable that there is some smell in the wardrobe. The louver door wardrobe has a good ventilation effect, which can ensure the air circulation in the wardrobe

II. Disadvantages

1. Cleaning difficulties

the wardrobe with shutter door also has some inevitable disadvantages. After a long time of use, it will accumulate dust, which is not easy to clean. However, many manufacturers are improving this disadvantage and integrating dust-proof design. When there is dust on the wardrobe with shutter door, just sweep it with a feather duster, However, Xiaobian still suggests that some people live in high-rise rooms or rooms with less dust to avoid the problem of cleaning

2. Poor moisture-proof effect

the ventilation of the wardrobe with the shutter door will allow flying insects and other things to enter the wardrobe and contaminate the clothes. In case of wet and rainy weather, moisture and humidity are easy to enter, causing the clothes to be moldy, which does not protect the clothes

editor's summary: the above is about the introduction of the wardrobe with shutter doors and the relevant contents of the advantages and disadvantages of the wardrobe with shutter doors. You also know something about the wardrobe with shutter doors. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more relevant contents, you can pay attention to information




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