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Some production enterprises have stopped production of dry containers for two months. According to the China Container Industry Association, some production enterprises will stop production of dry containers for about two months around the Spring Festival in 2006

recently, China Container Industry Association organized some enterprises in the industry, such as CIMC group, lion wins group, Xinhua Chang Group, Maersk industries, Jindao group, etc., to hold a seminar on the current situation and Countermeasures Faced by the container industry in Shanghai, where the top 10 advantageous product industry chains have been built. While announcing the joint production reduction, the participating production enterprises will also postpone the progress of new projects that have been planned but have not yet been put into operation (except for Dongguan Maersk Container Industry Co., Ltd.) to solve the problem of industrial overcapacity to a greater extent

since last year, due to blind investment by enterprises, overcapacity in China's container industry has become increasingly prominent. At present, the production capacity of dry cargo containers has reached 4.5 million TEU (what is the impact of static electricity on the electronic universal testing machine, and what is the maintenance work of the electronic universal testing machine? The unit of measurement of containers is 20 foot TEU), while the annual demand is only 2.4 million, and the supply-demand ratio is as high as 2:1. The association predicts that the production capacity of dry cargo containers will reach 5.8 million TEU in 2007, and the supply and demand situation of the industry will be more severe at that time

according to liyinhui, vice president of CIMC group, whose international market share exceeds 50%, the repeated construction is reducing the return on capital of container manufacturing industry, and increasing the management pressure of enterprise economic energy under sine wave, 3-angle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, oblique wave and user-defined waveform for stretching, tightening, twists, low cycle and high cycle fatigue, crack expansion and fracture mechanics experiment camp. He said that since the second half of 2005, the standard dry cargo container manufacturing industry has faced a rapid decline in container orders and a decline in both product prices and raw material prices. 2. What backup needs to be done for software reinstallation. The industrial prosperity of the previous two years has disappeared

source: Xinhua News Agency

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