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Several measures for dust pollution management at construction sites

first, establish a linkage mechanism. We take the initiative to cooperate with the planning and Construction Department of the resort to establish a construction information sharing system and timely grasp the construction trends of Party A. Before the commencement of the construction site, the management committee shall jointly issue the documents on standardizing the site management in the name of the management committee, jointly sign the construction according to law with Party A, and comprehensively supervise the construction site through joint inspection after the commencement of the construction, so as to create an atmosphere of striving for a green and civilized site

second, establish communication channels. Party A has a dual identity. For us, it is the managed party, but it is also the management Party of each construction unit. Therefore, it has the same management purpose and willingness with us in the management of the construction unit, and can act as a bridge and link for our management. However, due to Party A's lack of administrative management on some illegal acts of the construction unit, the restraining effect is limited. In view of this, our team took the initiative to contact Party A through the functional departments before the commencement of construction, and reached a consensus that the management coordination meeting should be held at least once a month

II. Grasp the management link, implement various measures

1, and comprehensively collect relevant data and information. For example, the business license, various licenses, qualification certificates, legal representative, person in charge of the project department and contact information of the construction unit. In this way, on the one hand, we have mastered the basic information of the construction site to be started, so as to facilitate future contact and management; On the other hand, it is clear that we will implement management on it, which plays a role of early warning education

2. Carry out field investigation on the construction site, assess the current situation of the construction site, and clarify the management objectives according to relevant laws and regulations, such as building fences, setting up site exit signs, anti dust measures (hardening of the construction site, etc.), and allocation of flushing facilities, which must be implemented before the commencement of construction

3. Pay attention to publicity and strive to diversify in form. For example, publicity during patrol inspection, investigation and punishment, conference publicity, self run urban management communication, distribution of laws and regulations, hanging banners on main roads and tree signs at the exit of the construction site; In terms of publicity content, we will focus on publicizing relevant laws and regulations and our regulatory standards, and take a legal course on standardized construction, civilized construction and the creation of green construction sites, so as to achieve the purpose of standardized construction and strengthened management

4. Convene a coordination meeting for the implementation of construction pollution prevention measures with the participation of the owner, the project contractor, the residue carrier, etc., especially during the earthwork period, make detailed arrangements for the hardening area and length of the site outlet, as well as the washing facilities and the allocation of cleaning personnel, and determine the parties in the form of meeting minutes

5. Assist Party A and each construction unit to formulate internal management measures, sign the civilized construction agreement, strengthen internal management functions, clarify all parties, and facilitate our management and investigation. Due to the limitations of the construction unit, in principle, an agreement must be signed with an environmental sanitation company to solve the domestic waste of migrant workers High temperature air may trigger the clearing and transportation of fire alarm. In case of construction polluting the road surface, if it is unable to wash in time, it shall be negotiated with the environmental sanitation company to solve the problem for a fee

III. pay attention to human management, adhere to the "three first" system, and give priority to publicity and communication. Because some construction units or construction units do not know or even do not know the law enforcement authority of our team at all, they have great resistance to the application method of torque wrench detector and punishment before the application of torque wrench detector, which often intensifies the contradiction between the management and the management, and makes the law enforcement work passive. The reason is the lack of mutual communication and publicity. Through exchange and communication, on the one hand, Party A realized the consistency of the management objectives of both parties, enhanced Party A's consciousness of construction site management, on the other hand, improved Party A's initiative to do a good job in management, and asked them to receive the acceptance and inspection since 2017 after they implemented the preventive measures. For example, the construction site of yunqi Holiday Hotel in the area had invested a large amount of money according to our requirements before the construction, Complete the overall hardening of the roads in the site in time, and set up an image project for our district

2. Clarify responsibilities first. A construction site is often composed of many construction units. When investigating and dealing with illegal acts, the phenomenon of wrangling often occurs. If we only rely on our patrol management, we will do half the work in the past, and the law enforcement efficiency is low. Therefore, we will clarify the responsibilities of all parties in advance, especially refine the management functions of Party A, who will be responsible for assigning inspectors to assist in identifying the illegal units. If the illegal subject is clear, the construction unit will be directly punished. If the illegal subject is not clear, Party A will be punished (responsible for management), and the fine paid will be recovered by Party A. This has indeed enhanced Party A's sense of internal management, reduced our law enforcement cost, and achieved obvious long-term management effect

3. Preventive measures should be taken first. In the past, it was always thought that strict management was to act in accordance with the law without respect for human feelings. Once the matter was punished, little consideration was given to the relative's fashion, high-performance door handles and door pedals to reduce the weight of the vehicle. As a result, the law enforcement work was at an impasse everywhere. For example, in the early stage of the construction of yunqi diegu construction site, the construction vehicles have polluted the pavement in large areas for many times because the site exit did not meet the specification requirements. For this reason, we have repeatedly taken 24-hour strict precautions, resulting in the construction stopping again and again, the construction unit suffered heavy losses, which also exhausted our side and the law enforcement efficiency is not high. We believe that the purpose of long-term management can be achieved only if preventive measures are taken first

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