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On the development of vacuum packaging machinery

the packaging industry undertakes the packaging of industrial and agricultural products worth trillions of yuan in China every year. With the improvement of economic internationalization and the development of foreign trade, the packaging of export commodities has also increased to more than 100 billion US dollars in recent years. With the imminent accession to WTO, the packaging of export commodities will have a large increment and high requirements. Therefore, the development of high-precision packaging machinery products has become a top priority for the packaging industry

vacuum packaging machinery is the highlight in the packaging of circulating commodities. Therefore, the author puts forward some opinions on the development of vacuum packaging machinery and discusses with the insiders

vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. Since polyester and polyethylene plastic films were applied to commodity packaging in 1950, vacuum packaging machinery has developed rapidly. Its development trend is reflected in the following points:

vacuum packaging machine has a high degree of automation. Take the tvp-b2 series rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine of Toyo Automation Co., Ltd. as an example. It is a multi station packaging machine with a high degree of automation. It is equipped with two turntables for filling and vacuum pumping. The filling turntable has six stations to complete bag supply, printing, bag opening, feeding, filling and pre sealing until the package is transferred to the vacuum pumping turntable. The vacuum turntable has 12 stations (i.e. 12 vacuum chambers) to complete vacuum pumping and sealing until the finished product is output, and the productivity is as high as 40 bags/minute

the vacuum packaging machine has multiple functions. One machine has multiple functions, which can easily expand the scope of use. The multi-function of one machine requires modular design. Through the transformation and combination of functional modules, it becomes a different type of packaging machine suitable for different packaging materials, packaging items and packaging requirements. This kind of representative products, such as the spindle wheel multi station bag making vacuum packaging machine produced by Hesser factory affiliated to Bosch Company in Germany, can complete bag making, weighing, filling, vacuuming, sealing and other functions on one machine

high production rate of vacuum packaging machine. At present, the productivity of such machinery has grown from several pieces per minute to dozens of pieces. The production rate of thermoforming filling sealing machine has reached more than 500 pieces/minute

vacuum packaging machine combined production line. When more and more functions are required, concentrating all functions on one machine will make the structure very complex and the operation and maintenance inconvenient. At this time, several machines with different functions and matching efficiency can be combined to successfully complete the production line. For example, the vacuum packaging production line for fresh fish developed by France's crace cryova and ISTM; The textile vacuum packaging system developed by Swedish Shuhong International Co., Ltd. and Swedish Textile Research Institute. The textile packaging system is composed of temperature and humidity treatment equipment, two underwear vacuum packaging machines, one coat vacuum packaging machine and one packaging machine. It has the characteristics of large vacuum chamber and flat pressure mechanism, which can prevent wrinkles and distortion in the process of compression and volume reduction

at the same time, relevant new technologies can be adopted or advanced technical devices can be installed on the vacuum packaging machine to make the machine more perfect. For example, in terms of packaging methods, inflatable packaging is used to replace vacuum. The demand of these countries for clothing, shoe materials and other markets will increase rapidly. The research on inflatable components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machines will be combined; In control technology, computer technology and microelectronics technology are applied; Heat pipe and cold sealing technology are used in the sealing station. Advanced devices can also be directly installed on the vacuum packaging machine, such as computer-controlled high-precision combined scales for coarse-grained materials; The advanced high-speed circular arc cam indexing mechanism is applied to the rotating vacuum packaging machine

at present, the production technology of desktop, single chamber, double chamber and conveyor belt vacuum packaging machines in China has passed the test, and the output can basically meet the domestic demand. In recent years, some new models have been developed, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries such as Italy, Germany, the United States and Japan. In order to catch up with the world advanced level and strive to improve the technical content of China's vacuum packaging machinery, the author believes that the following four aspects should be done well

First, the sz101 food vacuum flexible packaging machine produced by Shanghai machine tool factory, an advanced foreign model, is developed on the basis of the tvp-b 2 automatic vacuum packaging machine of Toyo Automation Co., Ltd. However, there are still many experimental machines that we should cherish and maintain. Many internationally popular advanced models have not been digested and absorbed in China. Even if they are digested and absorbed, only oneortwo varieties have been broken through first, and they need to be further improved to form a series. The graphics seen on the projection screen are consistent with the orientation of the actual sample. Efforts should be made to improve the localization rate. Key components and technologies cannot be imported. In addition, the relevant key technologies of some varieties, such as vertical filling sealing vacuum packaging machine, determinant vacuum packaging machine and rotary breathing vacuum packaging machine, need to be tracked, used for reference and developed as soon as possible. Foreign advanced models collectively represent the development level of vacuum packaging machines in the world today, and also indicate the development trend of vacuum packaging machines. Only by digesting and absorbing valuable information, can we make "foreign products serve China" and accelerate the expansion of vacuum packaging machinery series in China

II. Research and development of models with Chinese characteristics

China has a large population, rich and relatively cheap labor force, so we should not unilaterally pursue high productivity and automation, and do not need to consider the multi-function of single machine too much. The domestic vacuum packaging machine should be advanced in technology and design principle, and simplified in operation and mechanical maintenance as much as possible. Therefore, we can vigorously develop various special models by categories, with certain functional combinations, and a large number of building block and modular designs. Of course, in order to occupy a place in the international market, high-grade and high-tech products should also be available, so that China's vacuum packaging machinery products can form levels and gradients. This is the best policy

III. pay attention to the application of advanced technology

chamber type and conveyor belt type vacuum packaging machines are two types of commonly used models. There are two control modes, one is microcomputer control, the other is relay logic control. The former control method enables the equipment to have more functions and superior performance. Microcomputer control can realize 1 ~ 3 times of air extraction and inflation, and can display the fault position. Relay control is difficult to achieve. However, many enterprises in China still adopt relay logic control mode, and microcomputer control is rare. In the future, we should speed up the application of microcomputer control in vacuum packaging machines, so that products can be constantly updated

IV. strengthen the research and development of key parts which were first used in 1967, and realize the specialized production of the vacuum pump and vacuum valve on the

vacuum packaging machine are the key parts. In recent years, China has introduced the internationally advanced RS series single-stage vane pump technology, named XD series, which has been produced by several enterprises and has initially formed a series, but the specifications are not complete and need to be improved. There are also oil-free vacuum pumps widely used in foreign countries. China can only produce a few, which have not formed a series, and can not fully meet the needs of domestic products. There are few varieties of vacuum valves in China, and the specifications are not complete enough. In the future, we must vigorously strengthen the research and development of vacuum solenoid valves to avoid the phenomenon of replacing low vacuum valves with high vacuum valves or general air valves. In the aspect of mechanical transmission, the advanced and high-speed circular arc convex wheel stepping indexing transmission box is the key component of the rotary vacuum packaging machine, which is still in its infancy in China

there are many parts and components that can be professionally produced by vacuum packaging machines, such as heat sealing transformers and heat sealing strips cooled by internal water. At present, they are also produced by various manufacturers, and the quality is unstable. In foreign countries, it is produced by professional factories, and hollow profiled aluminum is selected, with reliable quality and low cost. Others, such as various seals and special-shaped transmission chains, are most suitable for organizing specialized production due to the difficulty and high cost of the mold. Only by actively organizing and realizing the specialized production of parts and components can we further improve the product quality and technical level of China's vacuum packaging machinery, better meet the needs of the domestic packaging industry, and enable the vacuum packaging machinery to enter the international market and win a place

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