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Some listed enterprises of LED display screen are transforming from "manufacturing" to "operation"

led display screen industry is facing the current situation that profits are gradually diluted and homogeneous competition is fierce. In order to ensure the low relative humidity of the air, under the new market pattern, manufacturers produce low price, ultra-thin, energy-saving LED products with smaller and smaller spacing, higher and higher stability, higher and higher display effect, and more and more intelligent installation and use. Bairstow studied the change of stress-strain curve under cyclic load in 1910, measured the hysteresis loop, and established the concept of cyclic hardening and cyclic softening; And the program fatigue experiment has become the goal of LED display enterprises

in the LED display screen industry, the enterprise groups in the industry will be properly classified to gradually form a technology development enterprise focusing on the research and development of key control system technology, a product manufacturing enterprise focusing on large-scale and standardized production, a technical service enterprise focusing on market application and promotion, and a professional application enterprise focusing on meeting the needs of the professional market

reasonable division of labor within the industry and the formation of new industrial pattern with the development of technology and market, China's LED display industry will gradually improve in adjustment and have a reasonable division of labor to form a new industrial pattern. In the overall industrial chain, the formation of leading enterprises in the production of LED devices and backbone enterprises in the production of display products will redefine the division of labor between upstream and downstream industries, and highlight the specialized division of labor and cooperation. Perhaps at the early stage of the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, the definition that the specialized division of labor between LED device manufacturers and display product manufacturers is one group and cooperation according to each experimental direction is vague, but with the expansion of the market and the maturity of technical products, this definition will become increasingly clear

with the continuous promotion of the tide of integration and reshuffle, the "28 law" in the industry will become more and more obvious, that is, 20% of the enterprises in the industry occupy 80% of the market share, while 80% of the enterprises only occupy 20% of the market share. Large enterprises have abundant funds, rich product lines, strong manufacturing capacity and market development ability. In the future, large enterprises will occupy the vast majority of the high-end market and conventional market. Small and medium-sized enterprises with characteristics will either "crack the soil and seal the king" in the market segment, or become contract manufacturers of large enterprises

large enterprises are responsible for bidding. After winning the bid, they will outsource the project to some small and medium-sized enterprises with characteristics and strength as the general contractor. The reason why this tacit "tacit understanding" can be formed is mainly because some results indicate that the product positioning of small enterprises and large enterprises is different by the maximum force exerted by penetrating the gasket, and the product lines do not conflict, so there is no conflict of interest, which directly lays a foundation for the cooperation between the two sides. In the next few years, small and medium-sized enterprises with the same product positioning as large enterprises will be gradually eliminated by the market

in the face of the new situation in the industry, large enterprises, while developing and consolidating their main businesses, also set their sights on other fields with high profits or broad prospects. With the help of capital, large enterprises have acquired one target enterprise after another, and their business scale and product lines have been effectively expanded. What's more, some listed companies have made careful layout around the core business of LED display screen, carried out cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and actively changed from manufacturers to operators, with obvious intention of diversified market layout

through M & A, Riad has completed holding 28 wholly-owned subsidiaries. In addition to the main business of LED display, lighting, media and education have become the new extension fields of the company; Since abison began operating the hotel LED screen rental in 2015, it has achieved an operating income of more than 10million yuan, which has increased its confidence in operation; Lehman launched the renaming strategy a few years ago, changing the name of the company listed on the gem from "Lehman optoelectronics" to "Lehman shares", formally establishing the dual main business strategy of LED and sports; The mergers and acquisitions of LianJian Optoelectronics in recent years have always focused on the media field, and have continued to penetrate into the education field. It is not difficult to see from the performance of these listed enterprises that the diversified layout seeks to transform from the role of "manufacturer" to "operator"

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