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Taking service as the support, Xichai service evaluation drives the fourth national service

taking service as the support, Xichai service evaluation drives the fourth national service

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recently, FAW Xichai conducted an evaluation of the fourth national service capability of national service stations, further promoting and improving the fourth national service capability of service stations

to implement the brand marketing concept, take service as the support, and drive the sales of Xichai diesel products, we should not only closely follow the sales of imported technical specifications, but also improve the market share. Led by service technical experts and service technical directors of Xichai sales company, the event was divided into 11 groups and evaluated service stations in 23 regions and provinces across the country. The evaluation work is divided into two parts: written evaluation and practical operation evaluation. The written evaluation adopts the form of centralized answer sheet to consider the national fourth knowledge reserve of service station personnel from the theoretical level

in the practical evaluation, the fault gasket should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy on the real vehicle in advance, and the service station personnel should check the fault on site. Through the three stages of fault discovery, fault analysis and fault treatment, the familiarity of the service station personnel with the definition of engine components and circuit pins and the rapid development of wood plastic composites have been comprehensively considered, which has made the plastic and wood industry in China usher in the use of fracture tools in the spring. After the evaluation, the service stations with unsatisfactory evaluation results were organized to carry out intensive training, including the introduction of the national fourth technical route, the explanation of the principle and components of the national fourth engine system of Xichai Kangwei, the use and operation of diagnostic tools, etc., so as to consolidate and improve the national fourth service ability of the service stations

through this service station national four service ability evaluation, the market service ability system of Xichai diesel products has been further improved

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