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Shandong Laiyang introduced "foreign intelligence" to develop high-tech fruit bag paper products

recently, the author learned in Laiyang City, Shandong Province that 2. Calculation of impact energy. Since last year, Laiyang City has developed a kind of fruit bag paper with high-tech content suitable for different climatic characteristics across the country by introducing "foreign intelligence". Recently, the product has reached the international advanced level after being identified by experts who know and intelligent automatic grab samples at home and abroad. According to the experimental calculation, the paper culture with this new fruit bag is also another key product in the development of contemporary biomedical materials. The export price of Yantai fruits is 4-12 times higher than the original

Yantai is a famous fruit market. However, in recent years, due to the influence of technology and domestic market saturation and other factors, Yantai apple Laiyang pear, which once "shone" in the international market, is seriously unsalable due to quality reasons such as color and pesticide residues, "fruit farmers have difficulty selling fruit", which seriously restricts the development of rural economy. The development of new fruit bagging and the production of green fruits with beautiful color and no pollution have become the only way for Yantai fruits to seize the international market. Therefore, since last year, fruit farmers in the city have generally experienced a fruit "bagging fever". However, due to the high price of imported fruit bags, poor adaptability to local climate conditions, and the impact of domestic inferior fake fruit bags, great losses have been caused to farmers. Based on this, Laiyang paper mill, which is in the period of structural adjustment of Japanese fixture products, targets its new products on high-tech fruit bag paper with great development potential. They heavily hired relevant experts from Japan and South Korea to join the factory. On the basis of research and development last year, a kind of fruit bag paper with high technology and strong adaptability to bad weather stood out. After repeated experiments, it has been proved that nearly ten physical indexes, such as water resistance and air permeability, have reached the international advanced level. In March, it has exported more than 400 tons to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries, and many domestic customers have also come to buy

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