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"Sensing your needs" beijiafu has perfect sensing

introduction: since entering the Chinese market, beijiafu has gone through a glorious journey in China for more than ten years. As a world-renowned international brand, beijiafu has won the recognition and trust of customers with its advanced technology, high-quality service and diligent sales and technical team, and has become one of the leading suppliers in the domestic sensor market. "Sensing your needs", a short and powerful sentence, perfectly interprets the concept of beijiafu customer first, which is "well-known" in the automation industry. Relying on the outstanding "performance" of each high-quality product, beijiafu has perfected the sensing automation on the big stage of China's manufacturing industry, which has promoted the gradual upgrading and continuous development of China's manufacturing industry

Mr. Su Qingluo, marketing director of beijiafu products

a comprehensive product line meets the needs of various industries

headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, with branches on six continents, beijiafu (p+f) is a prestigious professional sensor company in the global automation industry. The company's Asia Pacific offices cover Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Singapore and China, and China is the headquarters of the Asia Pacific region. After nearly 60 years of continuous development and efforts, p+f has now developed into a diversified industrial enterprise and an industry leader in induction technology, internal safety and explosion-proof technology. Its rich product line can meet the needs of a wide range of sensors and interfaces in factory and process automation

in 1994, it officially entered the Chinese market. With Shanghai as the headquarters and center, it radiated across the country. It has successively set up branches in major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Tianjin, Shenyang, Kunming and Qingdao to expand its business in China. At present, beijiafu sensor products have a wide variety, from the simplest proximity switch to a very complex vision system, up to 150000 kinds, which are widely used in machinery and equipment engineering, automotive industry, storage and transportation technology, printing, papermaking and finishing, packaging industry, chemical industry, door control and other industries

bekaf proximity switches are a collection of talents, including inductive, capacitive, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic sensors. When installing, the concrete base and position coding system (WCS) should be pre installed. There are two main categories of rotary encoder products - incremental rotary encoder and absolute rotary encoder. Beijiafu has not only made great achievements in the two categories of products, but also continuously developed new encoder series

the product line of system products is also rich and comprehensive, including as interface wiring system, RFID identification system, and 1D and 2D bar code system

among optoelectronic products, beijiafu is undoubtedly the first choice in the industry. Beijiafu's products range from the simplest to the most complex applications. Mr. Su Qingluo, marketing director of beijiafu products, said, "our sensors are widely used in level systems, quality control and supervision systems, personal safety protection and modern mechanical measurement."

vmt system department, namely machine vision technology, provides a complete set of vision solutions. According to specific application technical requirements, personalized, all-round and whole process pattern processing solutions can be customized

breakthrough and innovation grasp the pulse of industry development

in recent years, beijiafu has expanded its existing product line, paying more attention to high-end and high-intelligent products. At the same time, it has also expanded the application of products with high cost performance. For example, there are many new photoelectric products: rl31 series of long-distance general diffuse reflection and short-distance focused diffuse reflection, economical optical fiber amplifier, su18 series of mechanical and electrical adjustment, digital display optical fiber amplifier, percentage high-precision digital display module, su19 series of simple operation and economical simplicity. Ml8 PCB detection sensor, as a patented product of bekaf, is specially developed for PCB. It is a model with outstanding performance. It can detect the circuit board without being affected by the color and hole groove of the circuit board. Beijiafu also has many products used in warehousing and logistics, packaging, electronics, semiconductors and other industries

"beijiafu also pays close attention to the development of various industries at all times, grasps the pulse of the industry, deepens the industry strategy, strives to have further excellent performance in these industries through the role of program provider, sets a higher industry threshold, and leads the industry to move forward continuously.", From Mr. Su Qingluo's words, it is not difficult to see that beijiafu is indeed worthy of being a leader in the industry

"stability, accuracy and high speed have become the new requirements of the warehousing and logistics industry. We can provide customers with comprehensive and advanced sensor solutions."

application of beijiafu encoder in wind power generation

"in terms of renewable resources, the application of wind turbines is becoming more and more important at this stage and in the future, but only focusing on benefits and safety, beijiafu encoder is good at effectively controlling and measuring the direction of wind turbines, wind wheel speed and blade position, and efficiently converting wind energy into renewable energy." Beijiafu sensor is applied in the wind power system, which can ensure smooth energy output, data exchange and optimal machine performance. Its encoder includes the largest bus range in the industry. CANopen, SSI and AS-I control the synchronous movement of single output rod by controlling bilateral valves, such as interface, DeviceNet, parallel bus and PROFIBUS

firm confidence, win-win cooperation and create value

Mr. Su Qingluo believes that "beijiafu always believes that the cooperation and understanding with business partners can achieve a win-win happy outcome. Beijiafu has established cooperative relations with many large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, listened to their needs and aspirations, worked together to build mutual trust, mutually and proposed to realize the Chinese dream and communication of" the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation ", To promote the common prosperity of both sides. "

nowadays, the automation products with high quality standards of beijiafu are famous in the world for their high quality and high reliability. The same refinement in service is the key problem to be solved by the pen related control technology. For each product, beijiafu provides professional advice based on the interests of customers. Beijiafu firmly believes that trust and partnership depend on time to verify and establish

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