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Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. unveiled the highlights before the 19th Industrial Expo 2017

the enterprise policy of adhering to the basic policy of innovation driven, quality first, green development and structural optimization proposed in the action plan made in China 2025 formulated by the Chinese government, and promoting encoder innovation, accuracy and reliability in independent research and development

with the popularization of networks and the development of information technology, a new revolution in the field of automatic control has been brought. Promote the further development of industrial automation technology, strengthen technological innovation, realize industrialization, solve the deep-seated problems faced by the development of the national economy, further improve the overall quality of the national economy and comprehensive national strength, and achieve leapfrog development. With the improvement of requirements in automation field and safety requirements, more and more automatic control engineers begin to pay attention to the application of bus and bus communication in factories

the theme of Shanghai Jingpu this year is to achieve the highest reliability of gear counting. The booth covers an area of 54 square meters and is located next to gate 20. This exhibition has brought new products and solutions to the audience to better serve the people

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Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical booth No.: there is a stopover after unloading 6.1h e261

date: November 7-november 11, 2017

time: 9:00 17:00

location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

highlight 1: mechanical multi turn gearbox is cheap and high quality

multi turn full stroke absolute value sensing big data, using gear technology to achieve the highest reliability, The full stroke sensor has no counter, and the era of multi turn absolute value big data is coming

at present, the domestic encoder industry makes up for the number by covering up the false multi turn fact with the battery count, cheating the majority of users. This time, the mechanical multi turn gearbox launched by Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. will give back to customers at a higher quality price

point 2: new product - reducer encoder

the networked absolute value encoder drives the reducer to realize digitization and intellectualization

Siemens reducer is installed with PROFIBUS-DP encoder (or PROFINET encoder), which realizes the digital sensing technology of the reducer

digital upgrading and transformation of mechanical transmission device can be used for digital recording, intelligent analysis and life-cycle fault early warning analysis of reducer

through the connection and group with Siemens PLC, it can realize single motor positioning control, multi motor synchronous control, production record and tracking, digital intelligent analysis, etc. Siemens reducer is upgraded from mechanical equipment to the realization of digital intelligence

point 3: signals are diverse and busy

shear experiments are rare, and encoder signals are diverse. It is always expected that DPM will find a large number of new customer line signals, and add PROFINET and EtherCAT

Overview of encoder signal output:

after 16 years of continuous research, development, improvement and experiment, Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical has obtained valuable customer suggestions and improved product technology

in July 2017, he recalled, "the plastic bags there are more days than the fish below. - on the 11th, Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. made an appointment with you at the scene

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