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Elimination of longitudinal partial ghosting fault of offset press

a PZ four-way two-color offset press recently encountered the fault of partial longitudinal ghosting when printing large four-way two-color coated paper text and line products

faults like this have occurred before. Most of the problems are on the teeth of the first impression cylinder, with dead teeth or loose teeth. The reason for this kind of failure is that the thickness of most arbitration samples is 3mm, which is due to the residual chemical agents and paper fibers when cleaning the embossing cylinder, resulting in inflexible teeth

ghosting appears on the side of the pull gauge for color separation, and the ghosting becomes more and more serious from its mouth to the end of the paper, especially after the middle crosshair. The fault should be on the teeth of the imprint cylinder or the middle paper transfer cylinder near the pull gauge side. After careful inspection and adjustment, the problem of trial printing and ghosting has not been eliminated. By chance, I found that there were two fixed negotiation chips on the paper roller on one side of the pull gauge, and the tooth seats had paper powder, while the other tooth seats were very bright and square. After testing, the 3D recycling machine helped 3D print plastic materials to "reduce waste" and put the paper strip in its teeth. As expected, it came out as soon as it was pulled. Adjust and correct the tightness of dental film, and troubleshoot

fault analysis: due to the long-time printing of fourfold paper, the unused teeth often have dust entering the Tangshan jade seal, which is easy to cause the teeth to be inflexible. When a paper transfer roller is transferred to an embossing roller with double diameter, the embossing roller cannot be smoothly transferred, resulting in longitudinal partial ghosting failure

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