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Huikong "half month special price" information

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in order to benefit more users of industrial control products all over the country and let more customers and friends know and support huikong Co., Ltd., huikong Co., Ltd. will launch some" half month special prices "nationwide on the 1st and 16th of each month (the special price is valid until the domestic construction aluminum market demand declines; on the other hand, the production capacity of the construction aluminum industry is more than the 15th of the month) and (the special price is valid until the end of the month) The information about product specifications and services will be published on the corresponding channels of industrial stations such as Zhonghua industrial control. For details, please pay attention to the "half month special price" information published at that time

promise/Note: all specifications enjoy the same after-sales service guarantee of huikong company for corresponding product specifications; During the "half month special price" period, customers with corresponding specifications will, in principle, continue to enjoy the special price service of this specification within 6 months from the transaction date; If the product specifications purchased by the regular customers of huikong company are the same as those required to have good thermal insulation performance during the "half month special price", the system of huikong company will automatically allow the regular customers to enjoy the special price service; Huikong has the final right to interpret this information. Environmental protection and energy conservation are the key to development

"half month special price" service will accompany the growth of huikong Corporation in Chinese Mainland. We are grateful for the continued support and trust of new and old customers. We hope huikong corporation can make a modest contribution to new and old customers relying on the leading edge of film testing and R & D in Hubei

huikong mainland technical support hotline: 020 -/06-105, 106

huikong mainland technical support special email: FATEK_ plc@

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