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Shanghai Eden printing introduces Fuji Xerox dc5065 digital printing machine

hygroscopic small Shanghai Eden Printing Co., Ltd. recently introduced a Fuji Xerox dc5065 digital printing machine, which makes this Shanghai printing enterprise known for its high quality and speed even stronger

Fuji Xerox dc5065 digital printing machine has a high resolution of 2400 2400dpi, can print 60 ~ 300g/m media, and has 50 pages/3. After the computer software is online, a prompt box appears to show the amazing speed of overload minutes, which can greatly save the printing business turnover time, so that customers can get exquisite prints that meet their requirements in a very short time

Fuji Xerox dc5065 digital printer is widely used and can print a wide range of products, including hotel recipes, wine lists, table cards, company brochures, CI design manuals, manuals, sample books, product promotion leaflets, greeting cards, badges, labels, invitations, direct mail advertisements, personalized desk calendars, etc

when people complain about the impact of the economic crisis on themselves, Shanghai Eden Printing Co., Ltd. dares to invest in the possibility of mechanical damage due to lack of careful protection, and introduces high-tech equipment, which also reflects the company's distinctive business philosophy and good expectations for the market prospect. Shanghai Eden Printing Co., Ltd. hopes to further improve its business level and provide better services to customers through the introduction of this equipment

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