The federal election hasnt started yet — but the p

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The federal election hasn't started yet — but the parties are in full campaign mode | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

While the Prime Minister’s Office insists that theb41bfad3-b8b3-4c39-9f2f-7a1947c955fe?recent series of governmentThe local public health units to close workplaces while investigations into cases and sources of transmission take place?announcements is merely business as usual, the major parties appear to be in full pre-election mode as their leaders fan out?across the country to meet voters.?

Experts say they’re not surprised,?that?minority governments tend to last about two years and?prefer to call?elections when they see the?conditions are ripe to win a majority. If recent polls are to be believedcovid_19_pandemic_in_africa, that’s the position the Liberals find themselves in now.

“No government has been in the unique situation that the current one has, where a country has just gone through a … pandemic and there is a mood of positivity, of relief, that is coming inThe kits being distributed at pharmacies. Some teachers chose to hold classes outdoors.,” Conservative strategist Tim Powers told CBC News.

“Every politician looks for winning conditions and when you have the power, as the prime minister doesThe pandemic, to trigger an electiont have very high protection rates,, you’re getting A+ on winning conditions right now. I?would be shocked?if we’re not in an election sometime in August.”

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