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The real cornerstone of a brand is product quality. As a leading brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows, paya doors and windows has always implemented strict requirements for product quality, and has formed a reputation in the minds of consumers and dealers

with the development of the industry, the word "brand" is bound to receive more and more attention, which is an inevitable process of the industry from disorderly competition to orderly development. With the awakening of brand awareness of aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises, today's aluminum doors and windows industry is in the process of this transformation, so enterprises are very interested in promoting "brand"

of course, some enterprises insist on quality as the king, "brand promotion" is only an auxiliary means. Among them, the most successful ones are paya doors and windows. As we all know, paya doors and windows has a high brand awareness. For many years, it has been recognized as the "top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China", and its products were once the object of peer enterprises to learn and imitate

pay attention to quality and create a more solid foundation

"if the building of paya doors and windows wants to be built higher and higher, it needs to make the foundation of products thicker and thicker." The person in charge of paya doors and windows said, "with this understanding, enterprises will naturally pay attention to product quality."

it is understood that paya doors and windows has recently successively updated production equipment such as punching machines, angle machines, angle saws, etc. these new equipment are imported from abroad and are upgraded versions of the original equipment. They are more refined in the treatment of details, so as to improve the product quality

secondly, upgrading equipment is to produce more detailed products, while strict audit is to ensure that consumers can obtain high-quality products. Paya doors and windows has refined the factory audit link. Before the products leave the factory, in addition to checking the relevant parameters of the products, strict installation and commissioning should be carried out to ensure that the products can leave the factory without deviation

finally, style design also represents product quality. As a high-end fashion door and window brand, paya door and window has made three efforts in this style design. First, more colors can be selected: each product has at least three colors to choose from; Second, more style choices: after years of accumulation, paya doors and windows has more than 500 products, which are few in the industry; Third, customized doors and windows: consumers can customize exclusive high-end doors and windows according to their own preferences

in addition, paya doors and windows uses the Italian Rocco door and window system, which is by far one of the most advanced aluminum alloy door and window systems in Europe. The door and window products produced by this system save materials, parts and time, and fully reflect the perfect combination of unity and relativity. Therefore, it has high economy and aesthetics, and greatly reduces the production cost of high-end doors and windows, Let more consumers have the ability to buy high-end doors and windows

Paiya doors and windows deserves its reputation

as Paiya doors and windows always implements strict requirements for product quality, it has formed a reputation in the minds of consumers and dealers. The reporter interviewed some users about how to send the tablet of Yamen window

"recently, my family is going to decorate. For many friends who have decorated, many recommend paya doors and windows, saying that they are of good quality and high grade. I also searched paya online, and there are a lot of positive comments, so I decided to visit the physical store." In the paya franchise store in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, a consumer who was choosing a style told reporters

the reporter also interviewed the owner of the store. When talking about the doors and windows of paya, the owner expressed great satisfaction, He said, "I have been a door and window agent for nearly ten years. Before I acted as an agent for other brands, I had to worry about being exposed for several days as soon as 3.15. Then I joined paya doors and windows. Looking at the model given to me by paya doors and windows, I knew that I didn't have to worry anymore. Enterprises that can keep details in mind don't have to worry about whether the quality can be qualified."

experts said that taking the initiative to "promote the brand" is only a means for enterprises to shape the brand, and the real cornerstone of the brand is product quality. Enterprises should pay attention to the quality of products and never put the cart before the horse




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