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There are many kinds of glass, which can meet the different needs of different occasions. By adjusting the material and process of making glass, manufacturers can greatly change the properties of glass materials, so as to make it more stable and durable. For example, the commonly used tempered glass is not only much stronger than ordinary glass, but also the fragments will not hurt people, which is safe and reliable. This article will introduce which kind of glass partition is good for office decoration, and deepen everyone's understanding of the advantages of screen glass partition

I. which kind of glass partition is better for office decoration

(1) ordinary glass partition white glass fully reflects the permeability of glass, which is simple and lively

(2) color art glass separates color art glass, which not only gives people elegant and noble texture, but also makes full use of the light transmittance of glass, which can create various atmospheres. In the simple and elegant space, colored glass is an important material for exquisite expression

(3) the sandblasted glass partition uses the durable pattern image to show the fuzzy aesthetic feeling, and compares with the other transparent parts to freely express various impressions

(4) cracked glass partition after the tempered glass is impacted, the whole glass cracks naturally, and then the clear glass is glued in front and back to form cracked glass. Each crack on the cracked glass is different, which has a special visual impression

second, what are the benefits of screen glass partition

glass is transparent, which can let the space absorb sufficient light, and at the same time, make your mood transparent and beautiful; And the shutter can realize the free retraction of space, and create a completely private space when you need it

the material of glass partition also has unique advantages, not to mention the permeability of glass, not to mention the steel Lang of aluminum alloy, that is, the extraordinary hardness of tempered glass and the ever-changing lines and colors of alloy materials are enough to attract more people to use glass partition

from the corridor to the meeting room, from the general manager to the general manager's office, the glass partition makes them closer, but it really distinguishes them This is the glass partition, the real partition

the so-called screen partition, as the name suggests, is that the partition form used is the screen style. Such partition is used more, whether it is room decoration, Feng Shui placement, unit placement, all complement each other The general style of screen partition is similar to that of screen, most of which are floor screen - "vertical screen" and large screen insert. This pattern can not only reflect the atmosphere of the owner, but also maintain elegance. Because screen partition mainly plays the function of partition, sometimes it does not pay much attention to the accuracy of carving and the high standard of material selection

in a word, whether it is Chinese screen, Chinese partition or screen partition, it basically contains a lot of traditional Chinese elements. Even if we need to constantly innovate, the theme, shape and material are subject to certain Chinese constraints. If we exceed these constraints too much, the "Chinese style" will be diluted Therefore, when we create and make, we usually work hard on the details, so that the Chinese screen partition can gradually get rid of some rigid elements while retaining the original traditional advantages

related concepts


partition: partition refers to the facade specially used to separate indoor space, which is more flexible in application, such as partition wall, partition, movable display board, movable screen, mobile partition, mobile screen, mobile sound insulation wall, etc., derived from Japanese technology. The movable partition has the characteristics of easy installation, reusable, industrialized production, fire prevention, environmental protection, etc


glass is an amorphous inorganic nonmetallic material, which is generally made of a variety of inorganic minerals (such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, etc.) as the main raw materials, plus a small amount of auxiliary raw materials. Its main components are silicon dioxide and other oxides. The chemical composition of ordinary glass is Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or Na2O ・ Cao ・ 6sio2. The main component is silicate double salt, which is an amorphous solid with irregular structure. It is widely used in buildings to isolate wind and light, and belongs to mixture. There are also colored glass mixed with oxides or salts of some metals to show color, and tempered glass made by physical or chemical methods. Sometimes, some transparent plastics (such as polymethylmethacrylate) are also called plexiglass

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