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The bridge expansion joint refers to the expansion joint usually set between two beam ends, between the beam end and the abutment or at the hinge position of the bridge to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation. It is required that the expansion joint can expand freely in two directions parallel and perpendicular to the bridge axis, which is firm and reliable. The vehicle should be smooth without sudden jump and noise when driving; It should be able to prevent rainwater, garbage and soil from penetrating and blocking; Installation, inspection, maintenance and elimination of dirt should be simple and convenient. At the place where expansion joints are set, the handrail and bridge deck pavement shall be disconnected

expansion joints can be divided into gqf-c, gqf-z, gqf-l, gqf-f and gqf-mzl according to their performance and installation methods! Gqf-mzl type bridge expansion joint device is a bridge expansion joint device designed with hot-rolled profiled steel Gqf-c, gqf-z, gqf-l and gqf-f expansion joint devices are suitable for bridge joints with an expansion amount of less than 80mm. Gqf-mzl, gqf-160, gqf-240 and gqf-320 expansion joint devices are modular bridge expansion joint devices composed of side beams, middle beams, beams and linkage mechanisms, which are suitable for large and medium-span bridges with an expansion amount of 80mm-1200mm

Gqf-f bridge expansion device is a new type of bridge expansion joint device suitable for highway bridge construction in China The gqf-f bridge expansion device adopts the overall hot-rolled 16Mn shaped steel, which overcomes the characteristics of the straightness and uneven assembly size of the extruded shaped steel. The comprehensive technical performance and technical indicators of the gqf-f bridge expansion device reach or exceed the advanced level of similar international products. The structural type and the rolling of shaped steel are the first in China, and will become the recommended products of the transportation industry standards

gqf-f bridge expansion device product features: low building height, domestic hot-rolled monolithic shaped steel is only 50mm high, simple structure, convenient installation, obvious reliability, comfort and durability It is applicable to all kinds of bridges with deck pavement thickness equal to or greater than 80mm and expansion amount less than or equal to 80mm, which not only facilitates the replacement of expansion devices of old bridges, but also can be used for the construction of new bridges

gqf-f bridge expansion device middle rubber sealing strip, its technical requirements: the expansion device with neoprene (CR) sealing rubber belt is suitable for areas with a temperature of -25 ℃ - +60 ℃ The [1] device with natural rubber (NR) sealing rubber belt is suitable for areas with temperatures of -40 ℃ - +60 ℃

technical requirements for bridge expansion device:

1 Neoprene rubber (i.e. Cr, suitable for areas with a temperature of -25 ℃ - +60 ℃) or natural rubber (i.e. NR, suitable for areas with a temperature of -40 ℃ - +60 ℃)

2 The steel plate used in the expansion device shall meet the quality requirements of gb012 and gb374, and the special-shaped steel (i.e. 16Mn or Q345) used shall meet the requirements of jt/t1591

installation of expansion joint device in order to meet the needs of bridges whose river direction is not perpendicular to the driving route, the anchor reinforcement and displacement control box can be arranged obliquely, that is, the anchor reinforcement and displacement control box of various expansion devices with expansion amount of 0~80mm and mzl160~1200mm modular expansion devices can be welded on the special-shaped side beam horizontally and obliquely

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