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On November 12, the kick-off meeting of Changchun dinggu wardrobe 6S project kicked off. Changchun dinggu team is enthusiastic and express their views. They are not afraid of the cold wind and cold. They are full of confidence and believe that they will live up to expectations and create brilliance together

a heavy snow hit the city, and the sudden cooling brought a lot of inconvenience to people's travel. Changchun City withstood the invasion of the heavy snow. After the snow, the whole city was wrapped in snow, which was extraordinarily enchanting

as early as November 12, the launch meeting of Changchun dinggu wardrobe 6S project kicked off. Led by manager Wang of the active marketing department of the head office, the team has successively introduced a set of franchise store management plan, a set of sales incentive system, a set of accurate promotion mode, a set of terminal sales tools, a set of customer management system, and a standardized store image. The small partners of Changchun dinggu team are enthusiastic and express their opinions. They are not afraid of the cold wind and cold, confident, and believe that they will live up to expectations, We will create brilliance together

after a series of preparations, the Changchun dinggu project team began the introduction of morning meetings and evening meetings after the kick-off meeting. The one-day plan is in the morning. The morning meeting must inspire morale, cheer on each other, dance, etc., set a benchmark example, assign tasks and goals for the day, and improve the tacit understanding of the team. The evening meeting is mainly to summarize the daily work and analyze the problems existing in the work. Then we introduced the management of "people", "things" and "potential" in the store, and created a professional team image through the rectification of the appearance, service language and etiquette of the store staff. Cultivate team communication and cooperation ability through games such as blind carrying lame, radish squatting, toothpick passing, etc. Whether in terms of store, team image or sales performance, it has been greatly improved. Changchun dinggu team is such a group of people who are willing to accept and good at learning. It is a passionate and positive team

during the 6S project, they negotiated with customers through SMS, mall interception, phone, wechat and other means until the deal was concluded, and always believed that "yours is mine, mine or mine, and all are mine."

6s terminal system is an effective management tool. For 21 days, they had been confused, wandering and wandering, but they still didn't give up. Through their own efforts, team members helped each other, and they finally defeated themselves! Speaking with data is their unchanging LOGO! In just 21 days, from the beginning to the end of the 6S project, the number of orders increased by 200% month on month. Sales increased by more than 223.3%

this is just the end of the 6S stage, but it is the beginning of their next run! I believe that Changchun dinggu will become a benchmark in Northeast China. Come on, everyone dinggu's family





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