Master of Peking University, working as a decorati

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Master of Peking University works as a decoration worker and manages a decoration team with a monthly income of one million

giving up civil servants, and his family doesn't understand

SUN Junfeng has been obedient since childhood. When he was admitted to university in 2006, his family showed the admission notice to many people in the village. At that time, it was a news in his hometown, and in his own words, it was a long face for his family. After a few years, sun Junfeng was assigned to graduate from the master's degree and received the opportunity to select and transfer civil servants from several provinces and cities. This time, his family hoped that he would become a civil servant. I think this is worthy of a Peking University degree

I've been listening to my family since childhood, but this time I'm a little rebellious, because my personality doesn't adapt to the system, and I want to enter the society for a while, but I don't know what I can do. Doing decoration is based on two aspects, one is that someone around me is willing to take me, the other is that I feel free to be a craftsman. At that time, I was a little idealistic, and I want to start an honest decoration company after joining the industry! Nevertheless, sun Junfeng, who only has ideas, still has to start with hard work. Of course, the family didn't agree. At the end of the argument, father sun was angry and left only one sentence: make your own decisions, and I don't care about you

it was difficult to work at first, and there were jokes. The foreman said in public that sun Junfeng was too clean to work, so he secretly trampled his work clothes every day before going to work. After more than half a year, knowing more, sun Junfeng began to find ways to contract projects with others, and later became a foreman himself

in a few years, I took someone to do it myself. The home decoration was ok, and the wind could not blow and the rain could not beat. Outdoor decoration is not enough. In winter, we have to work on the construction site, and our hands are all cracked with cold. Facing the camera, sun Junfeng showed reporters the scars and calluses on his hands. Now he takes workers to skillfully mix cement, punch holes and apply putty, just like an expert. Only through thick glasses can we see his feelings for students in those days

ha bent down to do great things, operating a decoration team with a monthly income of one million

house is a major event in life. It is not easy for people to buy a house now. When decorating, we must ensure quality and quantity, and decorate every home as our own new home. We can't be careless at all. Every time he receives a new list, sun Junfeng will say this to the workers

now sun Junfeng's team cooperates with Shanghai grapefruit decoration, and can win more than 20 construction sites every month, with a turnover of more than one million, but occasionally, he still needs to face the incomprehension of others. The master of Peking University came out to work as a decorator. He was so unpromising that his family's money was wasted. In this regard, sun Junfeng just smiled with a mixture of confession and banter. Those who wanted to question him were either speechless for a moment or left with satisfaction. The only thing that made him happy was that his family had gradually recognized his choice

if it weren't for decoration, I couldn't even afford to buy a house. Sunjunfeng privately told reporters that with the hard-earned money from decoration, he helped his family improve the living environment and buy things. For him, decoration workers are just the start of starting a business at the beginning. Ha bowed down to do great things, and don't care about other people's opinions! Facing the camera, this former talent of Peking University occasionally showed a little spirit of that year




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