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From March 8 to April 7, the national linkage of "yijiazhuang · hejiahuan" Yihe doors and windows is in full swing. At present, all war zones across the country have entered the second stage with full fire! Let every close awareness and sight go deep into the hearts of thousands of families

"yijiazhuang · hejiahuan" national linkage

the top ten door and window brands in China are wildly praised by the whole people

an activity to benefit the people across the country, a national linkage that comes wholeheartedly, gathering Yihe headquarters marketing front-line specialists, Yihe door and window business school senior consultants, performance doubling tutors, brand supervision teams, hair trigger

went to 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and more than 800 terminal stores were jointly launched to help the flame without hesitation, sincerely come and burn the land of China

directly hit the grand occasion of national linkage of Yihe doors and windows

from March 9 to March 17, Yihe door and window "yijiazhuang · hejiahuan" initiated the first large-scale national marketing campaign, and the first stage was a complete victory! Since the opening of the event, there have been many good news every day, and the momentum is like a rainbow

Yihe national linkage hit the scene of Yihe national linkage

irresistible charm and unbearable attraction

within ten days of the official opening of the event, many stores of the national linkage team showed a leap forward growth in the number of customers received, the volume of orders and the amount of collection, with significant breakthroughs compared with the same period

all over the world, I only see China Yihe doors and windows

as of the end of the first stage, thousands of orders have been obtained. Among them, Guangdong Huidong team has surpassed other teams with the attitude of taking the lead. In a short time, a single store received 400000 orders in 9 days

congratulations on the order King Guangdong Huidong team

from sweeping the country to becoming popular across the board, behind the ignition performance is consumers' recognition and trust in Yihe doors and windows. The nationwide large-scale marketing campaign of "yijiazhuang · hejiahuan" has doubled its wealth and blossomed in the soil of China

national linkage, vigorously attack and sign the bill quickly

"yijiazhuang ・ hejiahuan", detonating this spring

million profit bombing, penetrating your imagination

this national linkage, Yihe doors and windows headquarters received huge benefits, with unprecedented efforts to make millions of profits! Yihe market management center planned and directly operated the whole process, and fully launched with more than 800 terminal stores across the country

make profits at the peak of the largest discount of the year. The crazy activity package is reduced by 1000 yuan. The zero profit popular products are widely distributed, and 0 yuan is given away as a gift for the annual value-added after-sales activities of aluminum doors and windows. The frozen point special price eggs are rewarded. What we can do this time is to help you save more than 10000 yuan

as a star brand in China's door and window industry, Yihe door and window staged a preferential mode of terminal screen dominance at the beginning of the year, with multiple awards and concessions bombarded in turn. The national building materials market, as far as you can see, is extending this wave of sincere gifts wildly

save time and effort, and earn back hundreds of times

this national linkage, the new doubling system of Yihe headquarters came ceremoniously. The most sincere gift is to earn back hundreds of times

starting from various links and angles of the terminal, combined with a large number of actual operations, the ultimate multiplication system has been verified by thousands of stores

multi dimensional strategy in the front line of actual combat -- from the aspects of boss thinking, decoding human nature, soaring performance, store transformation, thought control, resource integration, marketing transformation, etc

Yihe headquarters personally brings the whole essence of the profit doubling system to the stores in the most professional and easy to understand way, so as to liberate the boss physically and mentally and save money

a new look, Yihe fully protected doors and windows

star terminal image support, which moves you domineering

the super red brand store has won countless praises

the service of love and strength

behind the strong signing of Yihe exclusive store, there is the love and power of Yihe doors and windows. As one of the top ten door and window brands in China, with profound aesthetic exploration and subtle texture experience, all brewing constitute a pleasing idea

Yihe doors and windows -- top ten brands of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows

front line doors and windows experience center in the field of aluminum doors and windows

leap forward the new vision of doors and windows

"in every home, there are feelings of love" is the core belief in the brand value of Yihe doors and windows. With what you think and see, from aluminum alloy doors and windows, sunshine rooms, raw wood doors, shower rooms and other categories, Yihe has unswervingly accumulated deep goodwill and satisfaction in the hearts of consumers with the confidence and strength of full protection door and window experts

big brand and high quality, which has been praised by the whole people as a love explosion lamp, with good sales and high popularity.

over the past ten years, continuous and overflowing tacit understanding and integration are the experience value of Yihe doors and windows with sincere quality and true feelings. With the first brand style of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the win-win multiplication system that saves worry and effort, we will work together with every dealer to move forward at full speed! "Yijiazhuang · hejiahuan" national linkage, sublimate every home with love, and listen to every mood with heart

from March 8 to April 7, the national linkage of "yijiazhuang · hejiahuan" Yihe doors and windows is in full swing. At present, all war zones across the country have entered the second stage with full fire! Let every close awareness and sight go deep into the hearts of thousands of families. For more wonderful content, please continue to pay attention to China's top ten door and window brands Yihe door and window




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