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Zhejiang Financial Subsidy "blue collar" "High skilled talents training abroad

with the economic restructuring and industrial upgrading based on technological progress, Zhejiang Province's demand for skilled talents, especially senior skilled talents, will continue to rise. In order to speed up the construction of WDS series liquid crystal electronic tensile testing machine, a new material testing machine combining electronic technology and Mechanical transmission, Zhejiang Provincial Department of human resources and social security and Provincial Department of Finance It was decided to carry out the overseas training of "gold and blue collar" high skilled talents on the th. Excellent high skilled talents who meet the conditions and are too sticky to be processed can obtain the observation and learning opportunities of the lighting design standard gb/t 50033 (2) 001 for field buildings of foreign enterprises and institutions subsidized by the government

golden blue collar is a new concept of career. They have their own expertise in knowledge and are good at practical operation. They are the elites in a certain technology; In the nature of work, it is a blue collar and favored by the enterprise, with a higher salary, so it is called "golden blue collar". "Gold and blue collar" overseas training is to select and send excellent technical workers to foreign well-known enterprises, universities and vocational training institutions for training and research in the form of government subsidies

for highly skilled talents who are currently in the stage of recommendation and preliminary examination, it is planned to hold two training courses abroad: one for information technology in Germany and one for NC machining technology in Britain, with 25 trainees per shift. The overseas training lasts for 3 weeks. The training content mainly includes the study of advanced technical skills and vocational education concepts such as new industrial processes and new operation methods, as well as the field observation of foreign enterprises and institutions

today, when enterprises are seeking transformation and upgrading, many enterprises need high-level skilled talents more than equipment and capital, which has become the consensus of government departments and enterprises. The overseas training of "golden blue collar" high skilled talents this time is not only a growth ladder for employees to improve their business level, but also an important means for various enterprises in the province to enrich their talents. These high-level technical talents turn their new knowledge and skills into productivity, which helps enterprises create higher economic value and provides strong support for economic and social development

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