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FIMA Exhibition: King of Spain "likes" apos group

fima Exhibition: King of Spain "likes" apos group

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FIMA exhibition, one of the four major European exhibitions, came to a successful conclusion on February 24. With its advanced brand concept and excellent product performance, Arbos group was widely recognized by the hardness of the steel hammer hole and the adjacent parts of the hammer hole at the FIMA exhibition, and received the attention of King Philips VI of Spain. Bedosti, senior vice president of Lovol heavy industries, was cordially received by King Philips VI

how can the new material industry in Hubei province achieve the goal of "doubling" its revenue?, And Sima exhibition in Paris, France, which is the most authoritative agricultural machinery exhibition in the world

as the top-level exhibition, FIMA has attracted the attention of the Spanish royal family. As early as 2014, Philips VI, who was then a prince, came to the exhibition site and received the gold badge presented by the president of FIMA. This year, Philips VI, who has become the king, came to FIMA again and attended the opening ceremony of the 40th FIMA

during the exhibition visited by King Philips VI, he specially visited the apos exhibition area to learn about the situation. At the subsequent meeting, King Philips VI warmly received the improved vice president of bedos. The improved vice president of bedos was invited to introduce the situation and product profile of Arbos group to the king. The king of Spain appreciated the brand concept of Arbos and showed great interest in the products of Arbos. Spanish media captured this scene, and then focused on the booth and products of apos in the middle of the day

after the meeting, Mr. Manuel, chairman of FIMA, invited Mr. bedosti to visit the Museum of FIMA exhibition and invited him to leave a message on the VIP visiting book of FIMA exhibition

during the FIMA exhibition, about 125 dealers took the initiative to express their desire to become a dealer of apos, and more than 1000 customers expressed their purchase intention for products and left specific contact information

at this FIMA exhibition, apos group arranged a professional commentator next to each prototype to not only introduce the product performance in detail to the visiting customers and dealers, but also make every visitor experience the VIP reception experience

at the same time, during the FIMA exhibition, apos group completed the construction of core teams in Spain and Portugal, laying a solid foundation for the next step of European strategic development

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