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The Ministry of finance will strictly control general expenditure this year. According to the Ministry of finance, in 2009, China's finance will continue to pay close attention to increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, strictly control general expenditure, and implement zero expenditure for official car purchase, conference expenses, official reception expenses, overseas (Overseas) expenses, etc. the presidential career should be the beginning of the growth of bending over and listening

Minister of finance XieXuren pointed out at the national financial work conference held here that the financial department will also cooperate with relevant departments to strictly control the construction of buildings and halls of Party and government organs, and prohibit construction and decoration beyond the area and standard. Strictly control the informatization construction projects of Party and government organs and promote the integration of resources. Actively promote the emission reduction of mechanical energy and build an energy-saving organ. We will strengthen the management of official expenditure and deepen the reform of official card management. We should keep in mind the "Two Musts" if it is a million level purchase volume, establish the idea of living a tight life, run all undertakings diligently and thriftily, strictly enforce financial discipline, and resolutely oppose extravagant spending and extravagance

EU countries are required to immediately restrict the use of disposable plastic bags. The Ministry of finance also said that it will improve the supervision mechanism covering all government funds and the whole process of financial operation, strengthen pre event and in-process supervision, and promote the organic integration of supervision and management. We will focus on strengthening the supervision, inspection and evaluation of government investment, combine daily supervision with special inspection, resolutely investigate and deal with the acts of misappropriation, misappropriation and interception of funds, ensure the safe, compliant and effective use of funds, and ensure the effective implementation of the central macro-control policies

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