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Incomparable filling system

vrumona B.V. frisdrankenindustrie, a Dutch soft drink manufacturer, installed a new PET production line in early 2006. This production line can process 24000 PET bottles per hour. Its unique feature is the F1 volumetric vodm-pet filling system. The vodm-pet filling system does not need front desk management and is driven by monotec starwheel. "Incomparable" is the greatest feature of this production line. In the second half of the year, vrumona installed another production line of the same type. This production line was 25% higher than the output at the beginning of the year

the latest trend in the EU: non recyclable PET bottles

generally speaking, the EU believes that the Netherlands is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection and recycling. This idea will hinder the market expansion of foreign non recyclable beverage manufacturers in the Netherlands. Therefore, the Dutch government has made such an agreement: dealers and manufacturers jointly establish a recycling system, and each 1-liter or 1.5-liter PET bottle will receive a deposit of 25 euro cents. This provision was implemented on January 1st, 2006. In addition, the agreement states that 95% of PET bottles must be recycled and reused. Otherwise, the government will charge a certain amount of environmental tax. As the whole recycling system was not perfect, vrumona decided to give up the plan of processing large capacity non recyclable PET bottles for the time being. It is estimated that the whole recovery plan will be in normal operation by February, 2007, when vrumona will start to produce 1L or 1.5L P zigzag: et bottles such as maximum force, zigzag strength, deflection and elastic modulus

meanwhile, vrumona has adjusted the first non recyclable pet line. In addition, another change is also under way. This time, it is to switch from recyclable PET bottles to non recyclable PET bottles. Before 2007, vrumona will use this production line to process 0 Liter PET bottle. Krones' production line can handle 24000 non recyclable PET bottles (with a capacity of 1.5 liters) per hour. The procurement plan of this production line was formulated as early as 2004. Its installation marks vrumona's advanced awareness, and it fully complies with the EU agreement. Paul tromp, the company's project manager, said: "we must realize that we didn't have our own experience in blowing bottles in the past."

pre labeling

after many considerations, vrumona chose Krones as the supplier of the production line. Pre labeling can help save the floor space of the production line in the factory. Because the containers can be transferred on the top of the workshop through the air conveyor between the labeling machine and the filling machine, there is no need to pack the filled bottles or transport them through the conveyor belt on the production line

in addition, it is easier to stick the dry label on the plastic bottle, and the loss rate is lower. Even if there is an error and it needs to be removed, it is only an empty bottle, and there will be no loss of content products. Martine Kruiswijk, project leader of the production line, said: "so far, we are very satisfied with the effect of pre labeling."

single supplier simplifies the whole process

Henk van vianen, engineering manager, points out another important point: "Krones also provides sterilization and carbonization equipment. In the past, we would seek different solutions from different suppliers. Krones can provide processing and packaging technology at the same time, and a single supplier simplifies the process of system integration. Otherwise, a variety of different equipment and different interfaces will always cause great trouble.

sterilization equipment is not a simple black box, and its design is very unique, which can suit me We have a variety of beverage products and processing technology. This is a very powerful system, but the product will not be over sterilized. When handling sensitive beverages such as Sisi or crystal clear, the disc heat exchanger will be connected with the new syrup device through the control system to achieve the maximum communication optimization effect. Through simple debugging, these functions mentioned above can be realized. " Van vianen spoke highly of the sterilization system: "the quality of the sterilization device is very good, and our waste rate remains very low."

F1 filling system without controlling the front desk

vrumona also shows great flexibility and innovation. The order with Krones was confirmed as early as the beginning of 2005, while F1 filling system and R1 bottle washing system were new products released at the 2005 Drinktec exhibition. Vrumona is very excited about these innovative ideas, especially the excellent performance of these systems in terms of sanitary grade and filling capacity accuracy

f1 filling system adopts the concept of no work front desk and monotec star wheel design to build Yucheng into one of the six major rare earth functional material bases in China. The whole system is easy to access and clean. The concept of

f1 first appeared in the volumetric series pet filling system. The vodm-pet system in vrumona factory also adopts this design concept. Its standard modular structure is suitable for the installation and disassembly of various sealing components, without the need for a front desk. Moreover, variojet bottle washing system also has no front desk, and the connection between bottle washing, filling and sealing systems adopts independent neck star wheel. Monotec starwheels are made of stainless steel and have independent servo drives. Each system operates independently, but is connected to each other through the central control system. Since the servo drive is installed internally, the starwheels are all driven in a closed mode

nearly perfect sanitary design

f1 adopts the concept of no front desk drive, which makes the whole system easy to enter and clean. The residue of beverage and chemical detergent are easy to clean. Hygienic design is the biggest feature of the entire volumetric pet filling system, which fully meets the needs of vrumona. Monotec starwheel helps to reduce the floor area of the system and improve the safety level of microorganisms. Because the servo drive technology is adopted in the system, any mechanical drive that may cause microbial pollution, such as indirect bearing and universal shaft, can be avoided. In addition, health and safety can be maintained even when the equipment is in operation. Vrumona has selected the foam cleaning method for the system, and the effect is very good

variopac FS 60 tray shrink packaging, collective packaging of PET bottles according to common specifications

"the effect of sanitary design is close to perfect." Martine Kruiswijk commented. There is no doubt that the improvement of health level is the greatest advantage of the system. "For the superbloc system, our operators generally need manual cleaning, which takes about 2 to 3 hours a week. For the F1 system, only normal automatic foam cleaning is required every day, and the cleaning condition of the filling system is very ideal."

Another innovation of

f1 is the decentralized control function of filling valve. All control is achieved by filling valve class. The pneumatic control function and pneumatic and electronic valves are directly installed in each valve unit, so the reaction speed is faster, the accuracy is higher, and the air loss is reduced without any gas transmission pipeline

the filling system is also equipped with liquid nitrogen device, which is used to treat pure water of Sisi, crystal clear and other brands and PET containers

the air conveyor belt for buffer

pet container is processed through the 16 cavity contiform s 16. The preform is realized by a hopper loading system and a feeding unit. Krones' feeding unit also includes high-pressure device and cooling system. The 114 meter long air conveyor belt sends the PET container into the contiroll surround pre labeling system, and the whole process takes about 2 minutes. In addition, there is a 60m air conveyor belt as a buffer between the labeling system and the bottle washing/filling system. After the PET bottle is filled and sealed, checkmat fem-x will use X-ray to detect the filling accuracy and labeling position of the bottle. How to select the electronic tensile machine with high practicability to enter the variopac FS 60 tray shrink packaging system for the bottles that have successfully passed the inspection

a handle will be installed on the PET bottle after packaging, and then it will be sent to the vertical packaging conveyor belt, which will climb 4 meters through the 300 meter long inclined conveyor belt. After reaching the top, the PET bottle enters the vertical conveyor belt again, lowering a total of 8 meters. The three-axis stacking robot robot 3A stacks the shrink packages of PET bottles on the pallet at the stacking center, and completes the winding packaging with film. In order to track products, the production line is also equipped with ink-jet date printer, EAN labeling device, ink-jet expiry printer and palletizing labeling machine

procurement of the second production line

in the first 5 days of trial operation of the production line, the reliability rate of the whole line exceeded 90%. At the same time, the switching time between different products has been reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. The line can switch 15 to 20 products per week, and the operators operate in three shifts. "The technical support provided by Krones is also satisfactory." Paul tromp is very satisfied with the good relationship between the company and this supplier

based on the above successful experience, vrumona purchased a 30000 bottle/hour production line from Krones again in September, 2006, which is 25% faster than the original production line. This time vrumona chose Krones as the single supplier of this differentiated demand line for customers

this new non recyclable production line is installed next to the original production line, so the installation time is very urgent. It is not only necessary to ensure that the operation can be started in the shortest time, but also to ensure the accuracy of filling. This production line will be put into operation in april2007. (end)

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