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The international financial crisis has enabled more and more enterprises to learn how to live economically. They no longer buy expensive instruments and equipment that are not used frequently. Even for some rich and powerful electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises, such as Huawei, ZTE and Datang, at present, a considerable part of the testing instruments are leased. This makes the technology leasing service industry, which mainly provides equipment for IT enterprises, gradually heat up

"in the first half of this year, our technology leasing business increased by 50%." Jiang Yi, the marketing director of the leasing business department of Beijing Oriental Zhongke Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Oriental integration"), believes that technology leasing can enable enterprises to save a large amount of equipment purchase funds, so that the saved funds can be invested in building the core competitiveness of enterprises

smart ways to save money for technology enterprises

technology leasing business rose in the 1960s and has become a mature market model in Europe and the United States. The technology leasing business mainly faces various R & D units and manufacturing enterprises, especially high-tech enterprises. It provides leasing services such as instruments and equipment to meet the needs of daily R & D The allowable error of the indentation measuring device should be adjusted to meet the testing and use needs in production and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the experimental equipment should preferably have two parameters: the whole process average temperature rise and fall speed and the linear temperature rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes)

at the beginning of 2008, Zhongguancun Haidian Park launched the first public technology service platform for science and technology leasing in China. The service platform adopts the principle of government guidance and market-oriented operation, and is specifically responsible by Oriental integration. The platform can provide short and medium-term comprehensive use services for enterprises in the park, including electronic testing instruments, analytical instruments, laboratory scientific instruments and equipment, special software development platforms and engines, personal computers, servers, minicomputers and network equipment, and meet the urgent needs of high-tech enterprises of all sizes in the park for scientific research conditions and R & D equipment at all stages of entrepreneurship, R & D, pilot test and production

Jiang Yi explained that the main products of technology leasing are medium and high-end instruments and equipment. These instruments are relatively expensive, and enterprises may only use them in a certain project or at a specific stage. For many high-tech enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises in the initial stage, many test instruments and equipment are often used in the research and development of a new project or new product. If these instruments and equipment are obtained through the traditional purchase method, the actual use frequency of some instruments and equipment is not high, but the enterprise has to pay tens of millions of yuan of purchase cost, and may also encounter various market and technical risks. If the technology lease is used to meet the R & D needs of enterprises, it may require less than 1million yuan to meet the needs of the project. At the same time, the enterprise also avoids the risks brought by the changes of market and technology

changes forced by the crisis

since the end of last year, with the deepening impact of the international financial crisis, many IT enterprises have become cautious or even stopped purchasing a large number of safety instruments and equipment to ensure experiments. Even if there is enough money to purchase the latest testing instruments, enterprises will also have concerns about the risks brought by technological updates. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, if they start to buy expensive testing instruments after bidding, they may lose market opportunities and profits due to the long delivery cycle; If a large amount of money is invested to purchase equipment before bidding, although it can meet the immediate production requirements, it will also be passive when the market changes, and the equipment may be idle due to failure to win the bid, thus wasting a lot of money

the severe market situation has made more and more science and technology enterprises change the habit of blindly purchasing instruments in the past. Instead, they rent instead of buying. At the same time, they use sublease and sale to recover part of the funds and then buy the instruments they need most. With the advantage of science and technology leasing, they use new instruments faster. While keeping the production line synchronized with the technological development, they also improve the technical level of their products

Nanjing segmicro is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of various microwave products. Considering the fine management concept, they rent high-end instruments and equipment from Dongfang integration. At that time, some peers mistakenly believed that the company lacked financial strength, but the subsequent effect made peers change their views one after another

the relevant person in charge of Nanjing SEG micro said: "we have not invested a lot of money to buy instruments and equipment. We can use more medical electronic venues: Miss Xiang Yingying, Miss Chai Zhangfan: +86 21 - 155, 502 funds in the most important places, such as new product research and development, as well as the training of engineers and technical workers."

multi win service system

it is learned that since the establishment of Zhongguancun Haidian Park Science and technology leasing public technology service platform, it has provided services to hundreds of domestic science and technology enterprises, forming a win-win model among park management departments, park enterprises and science and technology leasing companies. At present, Huawei, ZTE, Putian, Datang and other well-known domestic technology enterprises have become stable customers of Orient integration

at the end of last year, the platform's first free electronic testing laboratory in China was officially put into operation. The laboratory can meet the electronic testing needs of high-tech enterprises of various scales in various stages of innovation, scientific research, pilot test and production, including providing wireless communication testing experiments, general electronic and digital circuit testing experiments, RF and microwave device testing experiments, microwave and millimeter wave equipment and system testing experiments, circuit and system design and simulation experiments. The laboratory provides free use of testing instruments and equipment for short-term and temporary testing needs of enterprises. For users who have used a large number of test instruments for a long time, the laboratory provides test instrument rental services. According to the plan of Zhongguancun Haidian Park, the next step will be to further solve the shortage of scientific research conditions for high-tech enterprises in the park that meet the industrial direction by means of science and technology leasing, and give certain leasing cost subsidies to qualified projects, so as to encourage enterprises to reuse and share the public technology environment and conditions, greatly improve the scientific research efficiency of enterprises in the park and reduce the R & D cost. Finally, a cross industry and cross department public technology exchange and sharing platform for instruments and equipment in the park will be established with the technology leasing platform as the core

it is reported that the Zhongguancun Haidian Park Science and technology leasing public technology service platform model has been promoted in some other high-tech parks in China. According to Jiang Yi of Dongfang integrated instrument leasing business department, at present, Dongfang integrated has established cooperative relations with Suzhou Industrial Park, Guangzhou high tech Zone, Shanghai Zhangjiang High tech Zone, etc

technology leasing is in the ascendant

in developed countries, enterprises generally adopt a combination of purchase and leasing modes to meet their needs. In developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, about 70% of the application market of scientific and technological instruments is purchased and 30% is leased. Leasing business has been very mature in foreign countries. Many large communication equipment manufacturing and operation enterprises are the beneficiaries of technology leasing services. They rent high-end testing instruments from the instrument leasing market every year to meet short-term testing needs

"according to the results of our market survey, only 1% of domestic enterprises rent instruments and equipment." Jiang Yi believes that this is caused by the concept and extensive management mode of domestic enterprises. However, the international financial crisis has brought huge growth opportunities to companies engaged in technology leasing business

it is learned that enterprises engaged in technology leasing services should have sufficient financial strength to purchase instruments and equipment for leasing, which requires a considerable professional level in technology, market, logistics, finance, procurement, etc. At present, there are only a few domestic enterprises carrying out this business. Oriental integration is controlled by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a joint venture with the world's largest technology leasing company, a technology leasing company subordinate to Eurex group in Japan. Euriz technology leasing company, the shareholder of Orient integration, has a lease inventory of scientific and technological instruments and equipment with 35000 models and 500000 sets, with a total value of more than 5.5 billion yuan. At the same time, orient integration has a 2300 square meter bonded warehouse in the customs, which provides leasing services for users by using its own import and export rights and localization coverage

with the establishment of the Zhongguancun Haidian Park Science and technology leasing platform, orient integration plans to invest tens of millions of yuan more to increase the inventory of relevant scientific and technological instruments and equipment, and support the development of enterprises with independent intellectual property rights in the park, such as China's own 3G standard related tester equipment for TD-SCDMA. At the same time, it will set up laboratories and operation infrastructure in the Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base science and technology enterprise accelerator

some experts pointed out that "the success of the technology lease service depends on the re lease rate of the instrument, and the biggest risk lies in buying the wrong technology lease equipment." This business is not easy to do and its profit margin is not high. It must be scaled up. However, the domestic market has a lot of room for development. For example, scientific research institutions and universities are potential customers, which can breed a powerful localized technology leasing enterprise like Eurex

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