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The financial crisis improved the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises

under the impact of the financial crisis, the government has adopted some unconventional economic stimulus policies, which have achieved remarkable macro results. However, he also revealed that it will inevitably have a negative impact on the competitive order of some industries. But in general, the impact of the financial crisis on the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises is dominated by the positive aspects. Jin Bei, director of the Institute of industrial economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said at the 2009 Annual Conference on the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises held recently

why is the positive side dominant? Jinbei believes that under the impact of the financial crisis, the growth rate of enterprises has decreased, profits have decreased and even losses have occurred. However, Chinese enterprises are still the basis for macro-control, ensuring that China has become one of the few countries in the world that can maintain economic growth. Although China's export-oriented industries have been greatly impacted, the international market share of China's industrial products has continued to increase. At the same time, China's international status and voice have been significantly improved; China has changed from a passive recipient of free trade to an active defender and advocate of free trade; China will become one of the countries with the most abundant infrastructure and the best development conditions; The superiority of China's development model in two-way tension and compression testing has been demonstrated

how can enterprises improve their competitiveness after the financial crisis? Jinbei believes that Chinese enterprises need to find new ways to improve their competitiveness. The financial crisis has accelerated the pace of adjusting the industrial structure of various countries, and will adjust the industrial competition rules and trade rules, which will bring challenges to Chinese enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. Chinese enterprises should be more economical, refined, clean and environmentally friendly in the production of exchange servo speed regulation system for excellent electronic universal experimental motors, so as to enhance their competitiveness

Jin Bei pointed out that technological innovation and maintaining cost advantage are the most critical factors to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises at this stage. So far, China's labor-intensive industries will still maintain a strong competitive advantage. At the same time, traditional labor-intensive industries are upgrading to new labor-intensive industries, that is, to labor-intensive links in the high-tech industrial chain

we cannot easily give up the advantages of labor-intensive industries, but this advantage will change a lot. Research shows that technological innovation and business model innovation are increasingly becoming the key to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. For example, Huawei, BYD and other competitive enterprises that have entered the high-tech industry have the remarkable characteristics of effective combination of technological innovation and cost advantage. The case shows that China now has the conditions to upgrade from a traditional labor-intensive industry with low technology and low added value to a new labor-intensive industry with high added value. Jin Bei said

he said that at this stage, there are opportunities for the development of Chinese enterprises. First, infrastructure construction has been greatly accelerated, and China is becoming one of the developing countries with the best infrastructure conditions. Second, the development of informatization and networking. After the financial crisis, a new round of innovation in informatization and networking economy will be stimulated again, which will technically provide technical support for Chinese industries to achieve more economy, economy and cleanliness. Third, the improvement of talent quality has transformed the advantages of China's low-quality labor force into medium and high-quality, and laid the human resource foundation for large-scale technological innovation

after the impact of the international financial crisis, the conditions and environment for Chinese enterprises to enhance their competitiveness have undergone positive changes. On the whole, they have the strength and conditions to seek ways and new sources to enhance their competitiveness from a more economical, economic and clean production mode. At this stage, actively promoting technological innovation and exploring new ways of low-cost advantage are the key factors to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises' exhibition as an excellent platform for self presentation and self promotion

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