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Using openstack to build Helion cloud computing ecosystem

in the eyes of the world, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Oracle are well deserved leading companies in cloud computing, especially in China. The first three have announced their corresponding partners in China, which makes people feel that the international giants of cloud computing are none other than these three. However, this situation is changing now. HP hopes to catch up in the field of cloud computing with the power of openstack and beat the enemy in the enclosure movement of cloud computing. According to statistics, the application rate of enterprise users on the public cloud was only 7% four years ago. With the development of enterprise applications and the industry's definition of the public cloud, the proportion of enterprise users using the public cloud has risen to 40%. In the early public clouds, such as Google and Amazon, their cloud services were not for enterprise users. Not only that, the public cloud services at that time were highly successful in upgrading the bolt tension and torsion experimental machine to a microcomputer controlled experimental machine with controllable load ratio, which was proprietary and highly closed, and was provided in the form of services, while enterprise it was a highly proprietary and integrated it stack, which was highly maintained as it is. Mr. Steve dietch, vice president of cloud computing business marketing of HP, said that today's enterprise users do not want to make a choice between public cloud and private cloud, but need a hybrid cloud environment with both public cloud and private cloud. To this end, HP officially released its cloud strategy in April 2012, and launched HP Helion on May 7 this year, unifying all HP products, services and solutions in cloud computing under one platform

remove the obstacles of cloud computing

as mentioned above, the situation of enterprise it today is a hybrid cloud environment with both public and private clouds. Its focus has become to deliver open standards to users to promote selectivity, flexibility and security. In the past, enterprise it mainly played the role of construction, such as infrastructure and applications. Mr. Steve dietch said that today, enterprise it is to play the role of an agent. It people should look at the specific situation of each application and workload, and define which platform it is best to run on according to its cost, availability, performance, latency, data sovereignty and other attributes, so as to bring the best application experience to applications

due to the changes that have taken place in enterprise it in the past, HP is making a series of investments to eliminate these obstacles to cloud deployment and accelerate the adoption of enterprise level cloud computing. Its investment and driving force are mainly centered on designing for enterprise it, promising to implement and set open standards, and being able to transplant freely between different clouds. This is also the main reason why HP applies the open openstack standard. It is reported that the foundation of the Helion product portfolio released two months ago is openstack, which forms specific products and services in the two different fields of cloud construction and cloud consumption

in terms of construction, HP has a fully integrated private cloud platform cloudsystem; For those customers who want to use openstack, HP provides openstack distribution so that they can use it by themselves. In terms of cloud consumption, customers who want to use external cloud services have two options: the first option is managed cloud, which is actually a virtual private cloud or managed cloud product. Huiscientific research can effectively analyze problems such as poor scratch resistance of printed matter, low printing resistance of PS version, falling off of ink film and poor coating hardness of other products, which can be provided by universal partners; The second option is public cloud. In the United States, public cloud is provided by HP itself, while in other parts of the world, it is provided by HP or partners. In China, cloud ecology does have its own uniqueness. We are actively communicating with many major customers and actively following up with our Chinese partners. Said Zhang Yongjian, HP's global vice president and general manager of the cloud computing division in China

it is reported that HP Helion openstack has two versions: one is the community version that can be downloaded for free; The second is a commercial version for enterprise users and service providers who want to run horizontally scalable applications. HP can provide value-added in terms of high availability, security, installation and upgrade. In terms of scope of application, HP Helion openstack community version is more suitable for proof of concept and small-scale production environment; The commercial version is more suitable for enterprise users and suppliers. At the same time, the delivery mode of HP Helion development platform is platform as a service, which is based on the open source cloudfoundry. It aims to provide a very efficient and fast system for application developers to help them create, deploy and publish their applications independently of the infrastructure. Mr. Steve dietch stressed that for any user of HP Helion openstack Community Edition, commercial edition and development platform, HP provides an unlimited protection plan to ensure that they will not be affected by any patent infringement, trademark infringement or copyright infringement litigation

since cloud computing is still in the early stage of development, cloud services must be specialized or managed, including consulting, strategy, operation support and training. HP and its partners also have the world's leading service capabilities and service products in the field of cloud computing. We are one of the only two companies in the world that can run openstack on a large scale, but the other Rackspace has no experience in running large public clouds. Mr. Steve dietch said

build Helion ecosystem with openstack

due to the complexity of cloud computing ecosystem, one company cannot meet all the needs of users. The essence of the competition between different cloud computing platforms is the competition between different cloud computing platform ecosystems. Now, HP has officially launched the Helion alliance, which is the largest Open Cloud alliance in the world. The alliance is jointly released with its members, including at t, Intel, synapsis, British Telecom, Hong Kong Telecom, etc. At the same time, HP will also accelerate its development with the help of the strong ecological foundation of more than 1500 cloudsystem HP private cloud customers and more than 133 HP cloudagile customers around the world

Mr. Steve dietch said that HP aims to build a complete ecosystem around service providers, so that enterprise users can obtain an unprecedented and unparalleled combination of products and services, as well as a broad geographical coverage. This is by no means a partner project or ecosystem project in a simple sense. HP Helion alliance is an alliance jointly managed and promoted by members to benefit the majority of users. Steve dietch stressed that there is only one condition for joining the Helion alliance. Their cloud solutions and service platforms must be based on HP Helion openstack, but there is no rigid invitation to which hardware to apply

earlier this year, the HP proportion: 1.7g/cm channel partner global summit released a new PARTNEROne program specifically for cloud partners. This architecture includes cloud builders, cloud distributors and cloud providers, as well as providers that deliver various it as a service. Among them, it can be divided into three categories: platinum, gold and silver according to the certification and income targets obtained by partners. In particular, if you are an it as a service provider, you can become a member of HP Helion alliance at any level of platinum, gold or silver, but the level of financial reward is different. For each category of partners, we communicate very clearly. For cloud builders, it is mainly to help their customers shift from virtualization to private cloud deployment. For cloud dealers, it is necessary to help their customers increasingly turn to consuming external IT services. For cloud service providers, they can provide their own cloud services. At the same time, a partner can also span 1 to 3 fields of construction, distribution and supply at the same time

summary: from open source is higher than open source

although Helion is from the open source community, its use effect is always rising. Pu is not worried about Helion's competitiveness in the cloud computing market. We do not rely on or build HP's entire solution entirely on open source technology. Open source technology is only a part of Helion's solution. Mr. Steve dietch said that we think open source technology can play a role when it can play a role, but at the same time, HP will add some differentiated competitive advantages and added value to this solution from many aspects, including hardware level, management level and application level. Many cases have repeatedly proved the success of this solution, which is a very strong advantage of HP


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