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[user said] XCMG, 22 years of constant choice

[user said] XCMG, 22 years of constant choice

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looking out from the general office of Yao, a long queue of heavy trucks waiting to load gravel came into view. Not far away, a XCMG lw500kv loader was busy, loading a shovel of gravel into the nearest heavy truck. The smooth shovel loading operation, cycle, and the roar of the sonorous engine constitute a landscape with great industrial beauty. A full load of heavy trucks drove past the loading weighing instrument, and the subtitle of "50t" flashed, while it took less than 5 minutes for XCMG loader to be full of "stop power transmission" heavy trucks

because of quality, we work together for development

Chaohu, Anhui Province, a stone production enterprise that has been operating for more than 20 years. President Yao, a famous local private entrepreneur, is the chairman of this mining company. The enterprise is mainly engaged in dolomite processing, sales and building materials sales

in the eyes of people around him, Yao is always a rigorous and serious person who likes to study and is slow at the same time. It takes a long time to recognize one person and one thing

the enterprise has four XCMG lw500kv loaders and two XCMG ZL50G loaders. Talking about the origin with XCMG, Mr. Yao recalled that it was from the host 1) peak power of power supply: ≤ 10 kW (including peripheral installations such as cooling and high-temperature installation); Speaking in 1997, when the mine was just established, the loader, as an important production tool, was still a rare thing in Chaohu at that time. President Yao was greatly satisfied with the reliability of XCMG zl30e loader, which was purchased for the first time, both in terms of safe operation procedures and loading efficiency. XCMG loader has gained the recognition of customers

the manipulator praised XCMG loaders

with the development of the enterprise and the increase of production capacity, President Yao's mine has successively purchased several XCMG ZL30F loaders and ZL50G loaders. In 2017, it began to be upgraded to XCMG lw500kv loader. Over the past 22 years, President Yao's company has become a loyal user of XCMG loaders. In his words, he only recognizes XCMG as a domestic brand

"XCMG loader is durable, powerful lifting, smooth loading, and the service is speechless. It will arrive within two hours, which is very good." No matter the products or services of XCMG loaders, general manager Yao is not silent

work hard, XCMG helps succeed

people have the impression that the bosses of China mining enterprises are mostly busy negotiating business and entertainment, and they are not too familiar with production equipment such as loaders. Mr. Yao is an exception. He is more like a scholar who loves to study technology. From engine to gearbox, from gear to hydraulic pump, he knows the composition of loaders and the brands of accessories very well. President Yao said with a smile, "I can assemble a XCMG loader by myself when the car is disassembled."

"to do a good job and run a good business, we need to seriously guide the zigzag experiment to evaluate the plasticity of medium and thick steel plates." This is president Yao's insistence

XCMG service personnel are maintaining the equipment

"loader is our important production tool. Naturally, I need to know enough about the product, from product structure to performance, so that I can buy the best and most satisfactory equipment, and can solve it by myself in maintenance. XCMG is my most satisfactory domestic brand!"

future trend of the industry large tonnage

on the demand of the industry, President Yao continued to introduce: "In the mining industry, not to mention the daily income, but the daily output and profit are not small. Downtime due to equipment failure will bring immeasurable losses, so the durability of equipment is very important, so we have always chosen genuine accessories. At the same time, we pay more attention to the timeliness of service, and the timely resolution of failures is also an important consideration in my choice of equipment." The feedback of several operators was also very good, which made president Yao more attracted to XCMG

the operators are full of praise for XCMG loaders

now, with the recovery of mining industry, the company of President Yao is also facing the problem of capacity improvement. Mr. Yao set his eyes on Xu Gong's large tonnage loaders. He calculated an account: the working efficiency of two 5-ton loaders in the mining area is far less than that of an 8-ton equipment, but there is an extra manipulator, which leads to a series of maintenance costs. It is imperative for the industry to upgrade to large tonnage

with the development of the times, President Yao firmly believes that "the quality upgrading of domestic loaders led by XCMG is continuing. The development of the company cannot be separated from the help of XCMG loaders. We expect XCMG to continue to provide more competitive products and pave our way to prosperity!"

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