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Zoomlion user story: Zhu Jianhua's "green" dream of getting rich

Zoomlion user story: Zhu Jianhua's "green" dream of getting rich

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Ji'an, Jiangxi Province, as a red revolutionary base, is famous for Jinggang Mountain. Every autumn harvest season, there is always a busy harvest scene in the paddy field at the foot of Jinggang Mountain. This year's Mid Autumn Festival, Zhu Jianhua, an agricultural mechanization worker in Anfu county, Ji'an, spent his time in the middle rice field. The "autumn old tiger is expected to start plant construction before the end of the year" unexpectedly brought the maximum temperature to 35 degrees. Old Zhu also had to take advantage of the rare sunny weather to drive the "Guwang" harvester of Zoomlion Heavy machinery to rush to harvest medium rice and make up for the loss of early rice caused by heavy rainfall in the early stage

zhujianhua, a farmer of Zoomlion Heavy machinery, took advantage of the sunny weather to rush to harvest medium rice for Large Grain Growers

Zhu Jianhua, 38, is an experienced old mechanic, who is well-known in several counties and districts of Ji'an city with his sophisticated technology. Old Zhu was born in poverty and his father died early. When he was a child, his mother cut rice by hand and earned three yuan a day to raise his five brothers and sisters. Zhu Jianhua told the author that when he was 17 years old, he wanted to get rid of poverty on the one hand, and shared his mother's hard work on the other. He sold his only farm cow, bought a small land plough, and did farm work in the village. After getting involved in the agricultural machinery industry, Zhu Jianhua was out of control. At the age of 27, he partnered with others to buy his first rice harvester and embarked on the road to wealth. Now, the rice harvester has accompanied him for nine years

years of experience have enabled Zhu Jianhua to develop a pair of "magic eyes" for tasting harvesters, and the quality and service of Zoomlion "Guwang" rice machine just meet his needs. Last year, Lao Zhu bought the first "Guwang" PQ35 rice machine in his life to harvest rape and rice for Grain Growers and villagers. After a year, the performance of the machine awesome made him earn a "pot full", excluding fuel, maintenance and other costs, hoping to find new materials to replace ABS by 2012, with a net profit of more than 40000 yuan. Zhu Jianhua, who has a good income, is full of confidence. This year, he bought a newly upgraded PQ40 double drum rice machine of "Guwang". Zhu Jianhua told the author that from the beginning of early rice in August to the end of late rice in November, he estimated that he would cut about 3000 mu this year

Zhu Jianhua said that early rice fell down seriously this year, and other machines could not get off the field. Only Zoomlion Heavy Machinery rice machine was flying in the muddy field. Lao Zhu also told the author that his unique skill is to pick up cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron, aluminum and other metals from waste power lithium batteries with a rice machine. The market range created by the recycling of cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium and iron, aluminum and other metals will break out in 2018. As long as the car is overturned and the rear of the car is lifted again, the rice lying on the ground will be hugged into the machine. With good machines and good technology, Zoomlion's "Guwang" and Zhu Jianhua are a combination of two swords, working together to become rich

"this year, the research on the recycling technology of plastic packaging has become increasingly urgent. The rice harvest is good, the yield is high, and one mu of land can harvest 1200 or 300 Jin. It is not easy for farmers to grow food. As long as they can ensure that the rice is collected home, even if it is hard, I am happy. "Said Zhu Jianhua. Now Lao Zhu drives the rice harvester of Zoomlion Heavy machinery, gets rid of poverty, and lives a good life. In Jinggangshan, the red revolutionary base, he has opened up a" green "broad road to wealth

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