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Making use of the new technology of IOT to build a digital mine

the computer itself will not mine, but the computer network system can help the mine realize remote control command, intelligent mining, and bring safety and benefits. A few days ago, I witnessed this moment with leaders of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and Jining Municipal Leaders and participants at the digital mine and IOT new technology application promotion conference held by Jisan coal mine of Shandong Jining Yankuang Group

digital mine is an important embodiment of the application of new IOT technology in mines. Its core is to scientifically organize all kinds of mine information under a unified time coordinate and spatial framework, and comprehensively, efficiently and orderly manage and integrate massive heterogeneous mine information resources. It can complete the accurate collection, networking transmission, standardized integration, visual display and automatic operation of all information of mining enterprises. Using RFID (wireless radio frequency identification), sensors, smart chips, wireless communication and other new generation information technologies represented by IOT to accelerate the construction of digital mines is an important measure for Jining City to transform traditional industries with high and new technologies, increase the following group of experimental distance for a long time, strengthen the advantages of traditional industries, and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading. It is also an important measure to ensure the stability of mine safety and security situation, improve the exploitation rate of mine resources It is an important way to promote the control of mine environmental pollution and realize safe, efficient and green mining

in recent years, aiming at the cutting-edge direction of the development of the coal industry at home and abroad, the Jisan mine of Yanzhou Mining Group has vigorously implemented the strategy of invigorating the mining industry with science and technology, actively introduced and absorbed advanced management concepts and information technology, solidly promoted the information construction, made every effort to build a digital mine, and built an advanced and practical information system. The application of IOT and new technology has achieved remarkable results, and the mine management level, management quality and management efficiency have been greatly improved

Zhou Hong, vice mayor of Jining, who attended the meeting, proposed in his speech that Jining coal enterprises should combine the construction of digital mines with the technological innovation, management innovation and information construction of the whole coal enterprise, accelerate the use of new technology of IOT to improve and transform the construction level of digital mines, and create a new model of safe, efficient, green and sustainable development of digital mines and safe mines. Among them, to list graphite, rare earth and other minerals as national strategic minerals, we should focus on production, safety, management, market and other fields, rely on existing digital video, modern management and other technologies, and vigorously promote the R & D and design collaboration of Jining coal industry. With the economic recovery, the digitization of production equipment, the intellectualization of production process and the networking of enterprise management. At the same time, it is hoped that China Mobile Shandong Branch will continue to give full play to its advantages in network, business, technology and services, and continue to care about and support the development of informatization in Jining region, especially in the field of digital mines, which can realize more projects with new functions that could not or could not be realized before, so as to provide more help and realize the agglomeration of industrial advantages and cluster leapfrogging

this meeting reflects the importance that Jining Municipal government attaches to the development of IOT industry and the long-term vision of the development direction of new technology. It will certainly play an important role in promoting the building of digital mines and digital Jining, and inject new vitality into the economic and social development of Jining

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