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User experience promotes the development of intelligent embedded systems

miniaturization and low power consumption have become the basic requirements of industrial computers. Industrial computers and embedded products, which are responsible for brain and nerve in the industrial control industry, bear the brunt. At present, the field of industrial computers and embedded systems shows a trend of intelligence, low power consumption, high performance and sense of design

opportunities of traditional embedded systems: intelligent systems

from cars that can recognize drivers, to digital security monitoring systems that can realize passenger flow statistics, as well as intelligent networks that can seamlessly and safely integrate with existing enterprise and communication infrastructure, and even fitness devices with social functions, intelligent devices with computing experience are now everywhere

three elements of intelligent system: interconnection, security and manageability. They can autonomously connect to the Internet, execute local or cloud based applications, and analyze the collected data. Such high-tech requirements also mean that in the process of transforming traditional embedded systems into intelligent systems, high-performance and highly programmable heterogeneous architectures, including microprocessors, November 2017 shape processors and hardware accelerators, must be adopted to integrate all these into one system on chip (SOC). In this process of transformation, several key development trends can be found

first, traditional embedded systems will gain the intelligence similar to general-purpose systems such as PC, server, intelligent and tablet computers, and the development speed of intelligent systems will far exceed these general-purpose systems in the future

second, this transformation will become an irresistible trend. Natural and friendly user interface, security technology and sensor technology will become crucial, which will ensure that users can also obtain a consistent consumer electronics and computing experience on PC and intelligence on smart devices

third, the realization of this transformation depends on large-scale cross industry collaboration

fourth, the functional disadvantage is that the product concentration is low, and the increasingly powerful processor will meet the growing needs of intelligent networks, and can meet the computing needs of physical ports and virtual machines at the same time

fifth, as a large number of mobile devices are connected to the Internet and cloud, the security problems of enterprises and service providers' networks will become increasingly prominent, which will be a key factor in the future migration to more intelligent systems

user experience promotes the development of intelligence

the changing user needs of various industries are the internal driving force to promote the application of intelligent simultaneous systems in a wider range of fields. Taking digital signage and Intel as an example, rajmaini, global director of digital signage marketing of Intel Intelligent Systems Division, said that modern intelligent interactive digital signage can bring consumers an immersive experience and interactivity, while ensuring anonymity. These require high computing power. Intel's contribution here is: Aim suite and core third generation processor. Digital signage is mainly used in nine vertical industries, 40% of which are customized. In view of the diversity of digital signage, Intel is cooperating with Chinese manufacturers to provide turnkey software and hardware digital signage solutions, so that customers can quickly get started. At the same time, Intel also accelerated the improvement of the third-party evaluation mechanism and supporting evaluation standards, and put forward OPS (open pluggable specification), so that player modules/boards from different manufacturers can be connected to flat panel displays of different specifications, which has been supported by many panel manufacturers and hardware manufacturers. For example, Liu dike, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Zhiwei intelligent technology company, the largest motherboard manufacturer in China, said that there are more than 50 TV manufacturers The products of digital label manufacturers are equipped with OPS interface. From the emergence and development of smart signs, it can be seen that good user experience is the source of power in the era of intelligent systems

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