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[the user said] from the robot operator to the boss with a monthly income of 70000, you may need a Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator

[user said] from the robot operator to the boss with a monthly income of 70000, you may need a Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator

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figure: Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator under construction in a mine in Hangzhou

before becoming the boss, Liu Xing was a machine operator with a salary of 15000 every month. Although it was OK to make money, after all, he worked in the mine and was worried every day. However, the change of fate often takes place in an instant. By chance, he learned that a large-scale excavator working in the mine could earn 120000 ~ 150000 a month, and immediately felt that it was too boring to be a machine operator. After some ideological struggle, he took out most of his savings and started a Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator, becoming a boss. What's the story? Let's listen to it

leaning against a big tree to enjoy the cool, Liu Xing decided to buy an e6500f excavator

Liu Xing is 27 years old, not old, but an old driver who has been in the industry for 10 years, including 4 years in the mine. Around 2017, a mine in Tonglu, Hangzhou, where he worked, has begun to strictly control the approval of explosives, and a large number of new and old "woodpeckers" have entered the quarry. It has gradually become his daily work to excavate and break on the 7 or 8 meter high steps

figure: Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator at night

the equipment driven by Liu Xing is Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator. The day shift only works for 12 hours, with an average of 360 hours a month, 400 yuan per hour shift, and oil is included on the site. Based on this calculation, the monthly income of each excavator is 144000. According to Liu Xing's observation, Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator can dry for 24 hours with 500 liters of oil each time, almost 20 liters of oil per hour. After cutting out the cost and machine losses, a excavator can make a lot of money a month

Liu Xing is excited. He has worked as a mechanic for ten years. Becoming a boss has always been his dream. Coincidentally, Liu Xing also found that his boss had plans to buy excavators this year, so he made up his mind to buy excavators with his boss

figure: Shandong Lingong University excavator queued up to work in the mine

Liu Hang and the owner of the mine paid a total of 600000 down payment. Cooperating with the owner of the mine to operate the excavator, on the one hand, the living source is guaranteed. In addition, the owner of the mine also paid Liu Hang 12000 wages every month. What's more important is to share the profits equally. According to the income of 120000 ~ 150000 per month, excluding various loss costs, it is conservatively estimated that bank of Liu can get 70000 per month. Although Bank of Liu also invested a sum of money in the early stage, it still makes more money than just being a machine operator

in addition to the price advantage, the efficiency and operation are good in buying Shandong Lingong e6500f one after another

figure: crushing and loading, Shandong Lingong excavators fight side by side

there are more than 60 light excavators in the mine where Liu Hang is located, which is the main force in crushing. Except for the second joint venture brand whose orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply, the new machines are all Shandong Lingong e6500f. Why do mine owners favor Shandong temporary excavators so much? The answer given by Liu Xing is: high cost performance, high efficiency and excellent operation performance

figure: new excavator mobilization

Larsen said that in October 2019, Liu Xinggang contacted Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator and praised the operation of this excavator. When Liu Hang and his boss bought the car again, they specially customized the Dirk version of the crushing hammer with Shandong Lingong manufacturer. After replacement, the efficiency was increased by 25%, from the original 25 cars of stone broken per life simulation test day to 30 cars, which was not inferior to the efficiency of the joint venture car

figure: occasionally, when working overtime, the "woodpeckers" in the mine are all on fire

figure: Shandong Lingong e6500f crushing King gnawing stones on the mountain

one day in mid June 2020, after Liu Xing finished his shift, he accepted an interview while waiting for the mine owner to get through all links of mining, while waiting for the new car to arrive, and calculating a year and a half return. He was full of hope for the future. At present, 27 year old Liu Xingzheng is young. In his early years, he earned his house and car through hard work. The next step is to accumulate more wealth

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