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Using ZigBee in home automation and healthcare

in many recent trade exhibitions, such as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Munich International Electronics Show, the sensor Expo, the embedded system conference and the global embedded exhibition, short-range wireless sensor networks have become the focus of attention. ZigBee alliance has been working hard to develop standards that provide control for general applications, including energy management, home automation, health care and commercial building automation

the two application areas we will discuss in this article are home automation and healthcare. Although there are still disputes about whether some applications have advantages, the chain reaction of the rising oil price and the rising gas price to the household budget has been widely concerned by people. How to monitor energy and how to save energy has become a hot topic after tea. In addition, the increase of the aging population has increased the demand for medical and health care services, which has also brought business opportunities for the development of better medical and health monitoring equipment. We believe that it is necessary not only to understand the recent work of ZigBee members who market these technologies, but also to evaluate several sensor networks most relevant to these application areas

zigbee smart energy and home automation

generally speaking, the major energy consumers in families are central air conditioning system (HVAC), lighting, and white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. How many of us will insist that our children "turn off the light when leaving the room"? Adding simple occupancy sensors, window daylight sensors and dimming functions to the lighting system at home or in the office can significantly reduce daily energy consumption. Using the daylight sensor and the dimming device together in the light source can reduce the demand for power supply while maintaining the acceptable level of reading and general daily work. In addition, adding sun shading and light blocking control to the sunny side of the house can also reduce the demand for HVAC refrigeration system

in the past, there has been a lack of common application examples that can be adopted and shared by multiple manufacturers. Such examples have always been the goal of ZigBee members, and they are now appearing at many industry exhibitions around the world. American household appliance manufacturers association (AHAM) has recently incorporated ZigBee smart energy into its core standard; The white goods industry will also monitor energy consumption and report it to the central customs equipment or home monitors. There are many devices that can be used to create a home area (Han), and we should have more direct and fruitful cooperation in the mineral field. Some of the devices used for home monitors are simple refrigerator stickers, which can be used to monitor the electricity rate set by the power department; Other flat-panel displays with more functions can not only support Internet access, but also integrate other functions such as home security or weather forecasting. Common software profiles or clusters can provide manufacturers with compatible products that support interoperability. Power companies and energy service providers in North America have installed millions of meters supporting ZigBee smart energy in homes and apartments, taking the first step towards providing energy management services to consumers

zigbee applications in the home

in ZigBee smart energy Han, smart meters are generally equipped with energy service interface (ESI), which can be used as the main key to enter the home. Through this interface, utility departments can send real-time price and load reduction events to smart appliances in the home. In addition, real-time measurement information can also be obtained through human-machine interfaces such as home monitors

Figure 3 shows an example of ZigBee se network that intelligent instruments can be used as ESI

in addition, ZigBee se network can also provide a secondary ESI, which can not only communicate with electricity meters and obtain electricity consumption information, but also be used as a public hub for other devices, so as to use broadband connection to send data to the interconnection through ESI. Such equipment is usually called EMS, or energy management system. Broadband connection can realize remote monitoring of home devices through PDA or tablet applications

Figure 4 shows a ZigBee se network, in which EMS can realize lighting control according to the system rules set by the user. For example, the user sets a rule that the total energy consumption of the whole house does not exceed a certain upper threshold. Once the total load opened in the home exceeds this threshold, the system will automatically reduce the light brightness to balance the load

in addition, EMS can read the power consumption information of smart meters in a safe way and upload it to the energy monitoring tool. The realization of broadband function of EMS is a kind of high-quality network service and application based on digital model files, which was unimaginable in the past

home automation and ZigBee healthcare

zigbee alliance works closely with many health alliances including kongka Health Alliance to develop practical standards to provide high-value sensor data for individuals and their healthcare service providers. As we all know, diabetes has become an increasingly serious health problem in the world. The resonance situation of medical treatment is the resonance of mass and hydraulic spring system. Health professionals believe that as long as the weight of diabetes patients is monitored every day by using load cells, the number of emergency or other medical visits can be greatly reduced. This is also applicable to glucose monitors, sphygmomanometers or heart rate monitors for the care of patients with chronic diseases

the combination of household elderly care equipment such as simple Button Pendant and the built-in accelerometer of the equipment used to detect falls can not only help the emergency service monitoring organization to respond in time to emergencies, but also help the elderly sit at home and receive care comfortably, enjoying a higher quality of life at a lower cost. This kind of care can be achieved by connecting these wireless healthcare sensors to the Internet through ZigBee off devices

in a word, Ti is very willing to cooperate with ZigBee technology partners who are developing the products mentioned in this article to bring a comfortable, energy-saving and high-quality life to consumers. Please pay close attention to their latest product release. (end)

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