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Use sharp sharp 60b6um 60 Inch 4K ultra TV evaluation and price configuration performance evaluation

this sharp/sharp 60b6um 60 Inch 4K ultra clear smart home flat-panel LCD TV is a new product launched in 2019. How about its function and image quality? Let's take a look at the experience, price and configuration of sharp 60b6um, which may help you choose to fully fit the surface of the sample for reference

first, even if the same raw materials and processes are used, sharp 60b6um real experience feeling:

this TV feels good at first sight. All three of my family are sharp! Worthy of being a world famous brand! Cost effective! The picture is clear, the sound quality is excellent, and the quality is excellent. I'm very satisfied! The TV has clear picture quality and bright colors, which are good and cheap and worth buying. Quite satisfied overall. Friends in need, please click here to view more details of users' comments on advantages and disadvantages

II Sharp 60b6um price quotation:

sharp/sharp 60b6um 60 Inch 4K ultra clear smart home flat-panel LCD TV 55 65

[at selling price] 6199.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 5899.00 yuan


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III. sharp 60b6um configuration parameters:

IV. sharp 60b6um b6um other user comments:

1 The merchant delivers goods quickly, logistics and distribution are timely, and delivery and loading are integrated. The goods are delivered in time at the appointed time. After installation, the charge is reasonable, the TV is colorful, and the fidelity is high

2. The appearance of the product is very good, the border feels good, and the properties and configuration are OK. Enough. I prefer the direct backlight, which has good definition

3. I've been using sharp before, and the quality is still guaranteed. I'm worried about the small size after changing 60 inches this time. I installed it at home and tried it. The main reason is that the price of sofa electricity continues to rise in some areas, and the visual cabinet hasn't arrived yet. The effect of taking photos is not so obvious. The friction wheel surface in the gearbox must not be oiled or splashed with oil stains, but after trying it, I feel very good. The picture is clear, the color saturation is very good, and the sound quality is also good. Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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