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Using SolidWorks to complete the transformation from two-dimensional graphics of AutoCAD to three-dimensional models

Abstract: the idea of three-dimensional design is the undeniable development direction of mechanical CAD. For the current situation of two-dimensional design in the domestic CAD field, aiming at how to realize the transformation from two-dimensional graphics to three-dimensional, this paper introduces how to use SolidWorks to convert two-dimensional graphics in AutoCAD into three-dimensional models, in order to promote the use of SolidWorks software

Keywords: CAD; Two dimensional design; 3D design; Data conversion


cad is a technology that people cooperate with computers to complete various designs (such as mechanical equipment design, integrated circuit design, architectural civil engineering design, clothing design, etc.), that is, computer aided design (CAD)

in the field of mechanical CAD, there are many kinds of design software, such as AutoCAD, UG, pro/e, Solidworks, SolidEdge, etc., all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to solve all kinds of software data conversion interfaces so that the designed graphics can be "universal" is an important condition to determine whether the design software, especially the emerging software, can be accepted by users. Solidwo is not good for high price and equipment quality. Rks' feature recognition technology intelligentizes the conversion of data, and the Vickers hardness test has low efficiency. It characterizes and parameterizes the static geometric model, allowing users to realize their design intentions on the geometric model from other CAD systems

1dimensional mechanical CAD field

in the 2D field of mechanical CAD, the installed capacity of AutoCAD has always been in the leading position in the domestic CAD market. The reason: AutoCAD has friendly interface, intuitive operation, easy to understand, easy to use, open code, and a long time to market. Users can carry out secondary development and establish their own application scheme. Generally, learning mechanical CAD starts from AutoCAD, and most people have been accustomed to and familiar with the operation interface and design of AutoCAD

2 3D mechanical CAD field

as the development direction of mechanical CAD, Solidworks, a 3D design software with easy to learn, easy to use and friendly interface, plays an important role in the 3D field

solidworks is a design software based on three-dimensional modeling. Its design idea is: solid modeling → virtual assembly → two-dimensional drawings. You can draw 3D part drawings instead of 2D drawings. You can use these 3D parts to generate 2D drawings and 3D assembly drawings

take features as the design unit, and use feature modeling to establish the model of parts. SolidWorks is a feature-based solid model system. For data access, features are also used as the minimum unit. All parameters are established for the purpose of completing a feature, so each part is composed of a series of features. Each feature changes the shape of the part and adds some design information to the solid model of the part. During the design process, the shape of features and the design information contained therein can be changed at any time

solidworks parts are built in a similar way to the manufacturing process, Its concept and process are as follows:


manufacturing program

draw the basic section

grow the section into a three-dimensional prototype feature

add various design features

(drilling, guide angle, etc.)

to complete the final part shape

select the appropriate section

cut out the rough embryo of the section

use various processing methods

(drilling can't be completed until it is repaired.)continue to put into use, guide angle, cutting, etc.)

complete the establishment of part shape

three-dimensional prototype, which is the first solid feature of the model. Based on the analysis of processing ideas and methods, the primary condition of processing is that there must be rough embryo material, and then the vehicle, the lower the specified creep limit of the metal, and gradually form into machined parts by milling, planing, etc. Therefore, in the process of SolidWorks modeling, a rough embryo must be established in space, which is the embryonic feature. The prototype features in SolidWorks are formed from sketches. The so-called sketches are two-dimensional outline drawings or sectional drawings, and then the sketches are stretched, rotated, scanned, and lofted to form three-dimensional basic features

3 use SolidWorks to transform AutoCAD 2D graphics to 3D

SolidWorks' innovative feature recognition technology enables it to read the geometric models of other CAD systems and automatically recognize the original features and design history. Through the data conversion interface, SolidWorks can easily integrate almost all mechanical CAD software in the market into its design environment. The supported data types include IGES, DXF, DWG, sat (ACSI), step, STL, vdafs (VDA), VRML, Parasolid, etc. The problem is that the DWG file of AutoCAD read is a two-dimensional drawing. How to change it into a three-dimensional model

next, take drawing a three-dimensional five pointed star as an example:

① first, draw a two-dimensional figure of five pointed star with AutoCAD2000, and the size is shown in Figure 1

② save the file as "wjx.dwg"

③ start SolidWorks and use the "open file" command to read in the "wjx.dwg" file. Note: at this time, you should select input into the "drawing" in its dialog box

④ select the graph and select the copy command. Note: because SolidWorks' feature recognition technology will recognize the layers, dimensions and other features of the original file, and will retain these features. At this time, in order to facilitate the selection of drawings, you can turn off some layers according to the situation

⑤ create a new part drawing in SolidWorks, select a datum plane, paste the copied drawing, and then a sketch can be generated. Note: at this time, the pasted graphics may not be visible in the window because of the coordinates. You can see the graphics by using the full screen display graphics

⑥ use the "stretch" command, input the stretching distance of 10 cm, and you can get a three-dimensional five pointed star figure, as shown in figure 2

according to the model characteristics of Solidworks, more complex 3D models can be formed by rotating and scanning sketches. Next, the transformation from 2D to 3D is further explained by rotating the sketch:

① draw a sketch in AutoCAD2000 (Figure 3) and save it as "g"

② read "g" in solidworks2000

③ select the graph and select the copy command

④ then create a new part drawing in solidworks2000, select datum 1, and use the paste command to get sketch 1 (Figure 4)

⑤ right click sketch 1 in its feature design tree and select "sketch" (Figure 5)

⑥ then click the leftmost line in the sketch with the mouse, and select "as construction line" in its attribute management to take it as the center line of rotation. Note: in S

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