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User yuan Kai: I speak for Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck

User yuan Kai: I speak for Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck

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"although this car has not been on the market for a long time, after a few months of use, I have actually gained more income. Buying Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck is my most correct decision. It is definitely my best choice to buy a car in the future." In an interview with commercial vehicles, Yuan Kai firmly said

"this car is very reliable"

yuan Kai, an old driver with 12 years of driving experience, currently runs short distances around Xi'an, mainly transporting steel. As a native of Shaanxi, he has a typical northwest man's simple and honest character, and his answers are particularly straightforward. When asked why he chose the Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck, he said bluntly, "this car is very easy to use."

"we transport steel and often go to the same construction site to deliver goods. In this process, I really saw the 'power' of Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck." Yuan Kai said that due to the complex road conditions on the construction site, it is sometimes difficult for transport vehicles to reach the delivery place. However, with its excellent road adaptability and trafficability, Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck can successfully deliver goods to the designated place every time, especially when pulling heavy goods, we can see its advantages. Nowadays, Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck has become the pioneer of our cargo transportation every time. It is precisely because of the good performance of the car that strengthened yuan Kai's determination to buy

however, it was the first time to use Shaanxi Automobile after all, and Yuan Kai also muttered after buying the car. "It's really disturbing. I didn't know that my meeting wouldn't have such a good effect. But after using it, my hanging heart finally fell to the ground. This car is very reliable, there are no major problems, and it really realizes efficient transportation." Yuan Kai exclaimed

in addition, Yuan Kai also mentioned the excellent fuel saving performance of Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck. "At present, the whole transportation market is depressed, and the freight rate continues to decline. In this case, the fuel economy of the whole vehicle has become a lifesaver for our truck drivers to make profits. In this regard, Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck is very prominent." Yuan Kai told commercial vehicles that on his usual transportation routes, the fuel consumption of the new M3000 truck is 1.1 yuan/kilometer, which saves 0.2 yuan per kilometer compared with competing products. If you drive on special roads, you will save more fuel. A year later, a lot of money will be saved. "

"at the same time, the power of this car is also very awesome." Yuan Kai said: "The road conditions in Shaanxi are complex, which especially tests the power of vehicles. Previously, vehicles of other brands will have insufficient power when encountering steep slopes, and this vehicle of Shaanxi Automobile can easily cope with any road conditions. In addition, unlike drivers who have the performance tested according to the needs of flexible packaging film and require a fixed source of goods, once our drivers have a source of goods, wherever they are, they must arrive at the destination within the time required by the owner, otherwise they will Being robbed by others, we need more powerful and reliable cars. Shaanxi Automobile is the best choice. It can not only drive vigorously, but also maintain a speed of 85 km/h to 95 km/h when going uphill, which greatly shortens the transportation time. In this way, I can easily take orders and do many more jobs in a year, which greatly increases my income. "

strong comfort brings extraordinary driving experience

for truck drivers who run transportation all year round, in addition to sufficient power and super fuel saving performance, vehicle comfort is also a particularly key element

"I usually run around Xi'an. Although the distance is not long, I often run on national roads, township roads and muddy construction sites, so vehicle comfort is particularly important to me. In addition, I am a post-80s generation. In addition to making money, I also value the appearance and driving comfort of trucks." Yuan Kai said

for the comfort of Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 truck, Yuan Kai praised: "This car feels very good to drive. First of all, its cab is sealed well and the noise is very low. Second, the cab uses four point airbag suspension, which can filter the vibration quite well. At the same time, the airbag damping seat of the main driver's seat also adds the lumbar support function, which is mainly used to test whether the materials meet the specified standards and study the performance of the materials, which reduces the driver's fatigue. In addition, it has extra large driving space , unlike before, I always felt cramped. In addition, it has many humanized designs, such as shift prompt function, highway access card slot and electric doors and windows, which make the user's journey more comfortable. "

however, it is not the above-mentioned that Yuan Kai admires, but the manual air conditioner equipped by Shaanxi Automobile. "The air conditioner of this car is really awesome. I used to worry most about driving in summer, because the air conditioner on the car doesn't work at all, and I feel very uncomfortable when my body is wet. Since I drive the new M3000, I feel cooler than I've ever felt before. It's cool when I drive in first gear. Even now it's hot, the air conditioner has never been in second gear. People who lie on the side of the road are willing to rub my car." Yuan Kai said proudly

considerate service warms people

in the process of car selection, in addition to excellent quality, the perfection of after-sales service is also a key link to measure the value of products. Yuan Kai fully affirmed the after-sales service guarantee provided by Shaanxi Automobile

"now when buying a car, I pay more attention to the after-sales service of the manufacturer, because it is the guarantee of whether the vehicle can run efficiently in the future. After choosing Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 this time, I really see what is intimate service." Yuan Kai told commercial automobile: "after buying the car, the after-sales personnel of Shaanxi Automobile have been paying regular visits to ask about the vehicle and the problems encountered in the transportation process. What moved me most was that besides asking about the vehicle, they also reminded me to pay attention to my body, so that I felt valued."

in addition, what impressed yuan Kai was the timeliness of Shaanxi Automobile rescue service. "Once, due to operational problems during the delivery of goods, the use of vehicles seemed to have endless fault codes. In order to ensure the timely delivery of goods to the destination, I called the rescue service. At that time, it coincided with may day, and it was still night, and I didn't think anyone would come. Unexpectedly, more than an hour later, the maintenance personnel drove more than 100 kilometers to the accident site in time, quickly helped me solve the problem, and also taught me I am very moved by my solution to similar faults, and I really feel that it is worth buying Shaanxi Auto Products. " Yuan Kai said excitedly

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