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Using servo PLC engine to realize 32 segment position positioning function in operation control A9 series servo

the fixed length operation function in servo control is widely used. Multi segment positioning has been used as an enhanced function of ordinary servo, but the general servo only has (a) the height setting of air spring fatigue testing machine: measure the distance between two pressure plates at 8 or 16 segments. At the same time, once the multi-stage position positioning needs to achieve a slightly more complex logic in order to make the working capacity of the equipment meet the specified requirements, it must additionally use PLC to cooperate with it, which not only increases the cost, but also increases the workload of installation and maintenance. Because the operation control A9 series servo is equipped with a servo PLC engine, it can easily realize up to 32 position functions, and even more position requirements can be easily realized. At the same time, it can also easily realize any logic requirements that have been proved by practice Introduction to servo PLC engine and servo programming software motionwin

2.1 introduction to servo PLC engine of operation control A9 series servo

the latest operation control A9 series servo includes servo PLC engine, and its main features and functions are as follows:

servo and PLC are integrated, and PLC can obtain or control any parameters and status of servo as if it were an access register

support standard PLC ladder diagram, which makes secondary development fast, convenient and easy to transplant

the powerful syntax checking function makes users more considerate when writing PLC programs

one click compilation and download enables users to compile and download PLC programs with one click

powerful debugging function, which can display the running status of servo and PLC programs in real time

128 bit encryption algorithm ensures the security of the program

large memory, user program up to 128K bytes of program space

high frequency MCU, faster running speed and shorter scanning cycle

12 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs

it can be extended to 48 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs and 8 relay outputs through the IO expansion board

various models of products to meet the needs of different occasions

the standard Windows interface is friendly and easy to operate

the PLC ladder diagram can be designed intuitively and quickly, which makes programming so easy

powerful syntax checking, one click compilation, download and debugging make programming simple and simple

The functions of

fast keys, component query and search, comments, annotations, component monitoring, monitoring and servo status monitoring make programming easy and the control of servo becomes arbitrary

the usual position positioning functions include: origin finding function, inching function and position positioning function. At the same time, a total of 5 digital input ports are required for 32 segment positions. Therefore, the digital input ports are planned as follows:

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