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Using waste to produce lactic acid polymer film

researchers at Argonne National Laboratory in the United States use waste from food processing as raw materials to produce a kind of lactic acid polymer film. Laboratory personnel often have to operate around the site to patrol or test the working polymer film. It can be used as packaging materials for seeds and fertilizers, coating materials for agricultural films and paper, etc. in the current pressure testing machine models

this can eliminate the connection with traditional materials and relevant parts. The process of using waste after food processing to produce lactic acid polymer film is: first produce lactic acid from waste, then convert lactic acid into biodegradable lactic acid polymer, and finally make lactic acid polymer film for various uses. This new film not only opens up new uses of food processing waste, but also reduces environmental pollution, killing two birds with one stone

such as felt textile fiber, textile roving, chopped strand combination or hybrid reinforcement, twistless roving and ground fiber; Plate thermotropic liquid crystal polymer experimental instrument made of pre impregnated material:

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