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XCMG xda40 articulated dump truck "pain point" of new materials in China will be offline mining machinery re adding force

XCMG xda40 articulated dump truck will be offline mining machinery re adding force

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recently, XCMG xda40 hinge Weston? 705 has also been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use. The articulated dump truck has been successfully offline. This product is a new product developed by XCMG based on the needs of Southeast Asia mineral resources mining project and according to the product structure and development planning of radiator grille and mirror shell. It has strong power and low energy consumption. The key components are international supporting, and it focuses on fine research and design in terms of working performance, reliability, appearance quality and so on. The product adopts the control strategy of wheel to wheel differential and axle to axle differential, A-type suspension application and other technologies, so that the full load climbing is greater than 45%, and the long slope gentle driving capacity, vehicle passing performance, stability performance and reliability all reach the international advanced level; A new generation of intelligent electronic control system and environment-friendly and safe on-board diagnostic system are configured to facilitate the recording of vehicle fault information at any time and reduce the downtime of vehicle maintenance

under the new normal of low-level operation in the construction machinery industry, XCMG adhered to market orientation, focused on customer needs, continued to improve the product type spectrum of mining machinery, strengthened cooperation with high-end customers, and laid a solid technical and product foundation for the further development of the mining market. At that time, right click on my computer

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