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XCMG won the "2019 China brand power event model 100 brand", Wang Min said on the scene that

XCMG won the "2019 China brand power event model 100 brand", Wang Min said on the scene that

China Construction Machinery Information

the "2019 China brand power event"

hosted by the Central Radio and television station, opened grandly in Beijing yesterday

6 The test results of the electronic tensile testing machine can be output in Excel format

the basic components of the friction and wear testing machine such as the "2019 China brand power ceremony example 1 end face" were issued on the spot, and compared and summarized. 00 brand "

XCMG and 100 famous brands such as China mobile, China aerospace, Alibaba

were successfully selected into the

chairman Wang Min was invited to participate in the ceremony, And accept CCTV financial new media live interview. Wang Min said that to make a brand, we should be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, take customers as the center, guide customers' psychology, do a good job in products and services, and create our own endogenous power

Wang Min proposed to take customers as the center, create products with "leading technology and indestructible use", and constantly compete in the international market, "Most of our energy is in the Chinese market, but we have never forgotten to layout in the international market. Chinese brands go global, and brands are also very important both internally and externally. Now, XCMG's cranes with more than 1000 tons should not only grasp the trading order in China's protection, but also strive for a good performance abroad in strengthening consumer protection and law enforcement."

Speaking of society, Wang Min said, "we should give full play to the role of enterprises. At present, the government and the government have had good communication before, and enterprises should now go out as a bridge for cultural exchange." "We should contribute a world-class brand from China in the process of 'reaching the summit of Mount Everest' to the global industry."

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