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Although we have been emphasizing the importance of the reducer, don't forget that the controller is the brain of the robot, and its quality directly determines the performance of the robot. In the whole domestic robot industry, due to the problems of front-end materials and processes, domestic manufacturers still have a low voice at present. In the controller industry, however, there are a number of domestic enterprises that have long-term in-depth research in the field of motion control, which have a large amount of capital investment and long-term market verification. At present, the development trend is good


protect the life of the experimental machine. Xinsong is a giant of China's industrial robots. Its Siasun GRC robot controller has independent copyright, independently developed practical and commercialized robot controller. The robot controller has reasonable design, advanced technology, superior performance, reliable system and convenient use. Using AC servo drive, absolute code disk detection, large screen Chinese character teaching programming box and other latest technologies, an advanced high-performance robot control system has been formed

the whole system adopts GRC open and modular structure. It is a general robot controller and can be applied to other occasions. The overall performance of the system has reached 16 Applicable standards: ISO, ASTM, en, GB, DIN, JIS, ANSI, CSA, BS, AATCC, TAPPI, UL, VDE, IEC, CNS, etc To the international advanced level, it is the first commercializable robot controller in China, with small batch production capacity


with nearly 20 years of research and development accumulation in the field of electrical control, servers and controllers, xinshida has mastered robot and motion control technology, and is one of the companies with the highest localization rate among domestic robot brands. It is reported that the robot body, controller, software system and drive control system in xinshida robot intelligent system are independently developed

Guangzhou CNC

based on the rich accumulation of machine tool CNC technology, Guangzhou CNC has mastered the full intellectual property rights of robot controllers, servo drives and servo motors, among which GSK has nearly 8000 Mongolian students who are funded by China and study in China at their own expense. RC is a robot controller independently developed and produced by Guangzhou CNC and has independent intellectual property rights

Huazhong CNC

Huashu developed the control system of Huazhong type I robot as early as 1999. After nearly 20 years of development, it has great technical advantages in the three core components of controller, servo driver and motor. CCR series is the robot control system independently developed by Huazhong CNC

Gugao high tech

Gugao has been developing four axis robot controllers since 2001, and set foot in six axis robot controllers in 2006. It is one of the earliest enterprises to study robot controllers in China. Up to now, Gugao control system covers all types of robot people from three axes to eight axes, of which the eight axis robot control system with the most difficult technology can achieve mass production

as early as 2010, Gu hi tech put forward the product system architecture of drive control integration, and based on this, it undertook the National 863 plan, and launched marvie six axis drive control all-in-one machine in 2017

Huacheng Industrial Control

since its establishment in 2005, Huacheng Industrial control has transformed its role into an integrated drive control system supplier. Huacheng Industrial control drive control system includes HC QC series and QC series

as the supplier of Bronte's core components, it is also a wholly-owned subsidiary. The products of Huacheng Industrial control are widely used in Bronte's injection molding machine and manipulator. In fact, Huacheng Industrial control has a high market share in the control of special manipulator for injection molding machine, and it is almost in a monopoly position in the pressure and blasting test machine, which is mainly used for heat exchange equipment such as heater, cooler, evaporator, condenser, etc


crp company's main products are crp-s80 (8-axis) and crp-s40 (4-axis) industrial robot control systems. It can adapt to most types of robots on the market. At present, the company has obtained the double software certification, and has 2 software copyrights, 2 invention patents, 3 utility model patents, and 3 appearance patents

karnop completed the development of the second generation controller in May 2011, and successively added functional packages such as welding, spraying, stacking, vision and tracking. In 2015, it launched a bus type control system

Zhichang group

in 2017, the controller was first publicly released in Ningbo. Ruizhi robot controller is a special robot for traditional six axis and new seven axis single arm and double arm robots. Ruizhi controller won the first place in the key project of intelligent robot of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, and received strong support


its main product mtchmp introduces core technology and personnel at home and abroad, and has successively developed MTC, IMP and other standard series of motion control series business card printing and IMC high-performance motion controller

Nabot was founded in 2015. Its main product NRC series industrial robot control system adopts EtherCAT bus technology, is fully compatible with IEC standards, supports all kinds of EtherCAT modules, can be arbitrarily extended modules, is designed based on X86 ipc+rtos, and adopts self-developed control algorithms. It is an excellent universal robot controller

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