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XCMG won the national skills competition champion again

recently, the "Sixth National CNC skills competition" hosted by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of science and technology, and the all China Federation of trade unions closed in Beijing. Zhao Xianrong, a teacher of XCMG senior technical school, ranked first in the three assessment items of theory, software, and practical operation in the final of the teachers' group of the CNC processing center (four axes), and won the national CNC skills competition champion, It became the first person to win the national numerical control skills competition in Xuzhou, and achieved a major breakthrough in the numerical control competition of XCMG

after Wu Dong, an employee of XCMG foundation company, won the final champion of the Ninth "revitalization Cup" National Youth Vocational Skills Competition (type of mechanical equipment installer) in November 2013, XCMG won the national championship again. XCMG has won the championship in the fierce competition of the national skill competition for two consecutive years. XCMG has also created the best performance of enterprises in Jiangsu Province and the national construction machinery industry in the skill "national competition"

"national numerical control skill competition" is held every two years, which is a national first-class competition in the field of numerical control. A total of 811 top players from 28 provinces and cities participated in this competition. For the first time, the competition used a high-precision measuring instrument to measure and judge the parts manufactured by the players in the competition. Its accuracy can reach the size of 0.02 hair threads. Compared with the previous manual measurement, the ruling result is more accurate and fair. After nine days of fierce competition, all the three contestants of XCMG entered the top ten in the country, and won the eighth place in the NC milling worker group, the ninth place in the NC milling teacher group, and the champion in the NC Machining Center (four axis) teacher group, which shows that XCMG, a 71 year old industry leader, has a "gold medal worker" group with comprehensive excellent professional quality and practical skills

at present, XCMG has formed a top-level high skilled talent team in the industry with 20 chief technicians in Jiangsu Province, more than 910 senior technicians and technicians (708 provided by Chairman yuan) and 4142 senior workers. The total investment is 1 The exhibition will be a newly planned 8.8 billion yuan XCMG advanced technical school among local, industry and enterprises. After being successfully approved as a national high skilled talent training base in 2014, XCMG advanced technical school passed the evaluation of technician college at the end of October this year, and will soon become the first technician college run by enterprises in Jiangsu Province, which will further promote XCMG to build itself into a "highland" of high skilled talents in the whole industry, and firmly control high skills, high quality High quality commanding heights

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