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XCMG xgh300k dynamic compaction machine opens a new chapter in the application of pile machines

XCMG xgh300k dynamic compaction machine opens a new chapter in the application of pile machines

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recently, at the construction site of a thermal power plant in Shanxi, XCMG xgh300k dynamic compaction machine successfully completed the functional task of pile machines in this project and won the praise of users

at present, the compact pile driver with low price and easy operation is mainly used in the market for pile driving, but this kind of equipment not only has single function, but also has low efficiency. X2 Liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine: the elongation of rubber or elastomer is relatively stable. After targeted improvement, gh300k dynamic compactor can be connected with the special gantry for pile driving to realize the functional combination of dynamic compaction and pile driving, improve the comprehensive utilization capacity of the equipment, and then greatly reduce the equipment input cost of users

the modified xgh300k dynamic compactor can lift the hammer, move, position and pile at one go. According to the field measurement, the efficiency of xgh300k for pile driving is three times that of the traditional compact pile driver, which greatly shortens the project duration and wins users' appreciation. Users said that △ e was set, and XCMG crawler dynamic compactor with pile driving function will continue to be purchased in the future. In order to provide consumers with a green, environmental friendly and healthy automotive interior environment and maintain ultra-low emission, Jinhu Rili plastic can be cleaned? According to the development plan of the dynamic compaction machine project department, XCMG crawler dynamic compaction machine has successfully achieved another functional expansion. It is expected that XCMG dynamic compaction machine can seize a broader market in its future efforts

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